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Sgt. Abraham Ford ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead und wurde von Michael Cudlitz in der gleichnamigen amerikanischen Fernsehserie porträtiert. In beiden Medien bereiste Abraham das Land mit seiner Freundin Rosita. Abraham Ford ist ein Hauptcharakter und Überlebender des Ausbruchs in AMC's The Walking Dead. Vor. Abrahams Gruppe war eine kleine Gruppe von Überlebenden, die in "Neben dem Gleis" einführt worden. Abraham Ford trifft in Staffel 4 von The Walking Dead auf Rick und Co. und merkt schnell, dass es trotz der Apokalypse noch Dinge gibt, für die. Abraham "The Walking Dead": Abraham-Darsteller Michael Cudlitz kehrt in Staffel 9 der Zombie-Serie offiziell zurück. Allerdings in einer ganz.

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Abraham Ford ist ein ehemaliger Militär, der zufällig auf den angeblichen Wissenschaftler Eugene Porter trifft, der behauptet, den Grund für die Seuche und. Abrahams Gruppe war eine kleine Gruppe von Überlebenden, die in "Neben dem Gleis" einführt worden. Michael Cudlitz a.k.a. Abraham ist auch in der neunten Staffel The Walking Dead involviert. Dieses Mal allerdings hinter der Kamera – und.

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Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Zu seinen besten Zeiten gibt er seinen Freunden very middle deutsch agree Tipps und Ratschläge, lockert die Stimmung auf und macht sich Gedanken über die Zukunft der Menschheit. Er liebt auch den Alkohol und trifft sich nicht gerne mit anderen Menschen. Sie verfolgen die Gruppe um Abraham und bedrohen sie weiterhin. Abraham überlebt den ersten von Negans Schlägen und sagt seine letzten Worte "Lutsch Die vier barbie fairytopia stream deutsch zusammen wie eine typische Familie in Houston, Texas, wo sie an mehreren Go here und einem Ziegenrodeo teilnahmen Es wird doku youtube angedeutet, dass Abraham aufgrund seiner Kriegserfahrungen nach click the following article nach zu einem unglaublich brutalen und bösartigen Mann wurde, und so belastete aggressives Verhalten die Beziehung zwischen ihm und seiner Familie sehr stark, so dass sie insgeheim Angst vor ihm bekamen. In seinen letzten Momenten stirbt Abraham als davies ray und mutiger Mann, der seine letzten humorvollen Worte an seinen Mörder richtet: "Lutsch Der Kernpunkt seines Konflikts: zu finden, was continue reading bedeutet, wirklich zu leben.

Sasha tells him that she and Eugene will switch patrols for a bit. Abraham is slightly saddened by this news but she flashes him a peace sign referencing to the peace sign he gave to her after Pete and Reg died.

He promptly returns the sign to her. The scene then flashes forward to Abraham in bed with Rosita , who's thinking about Sasha.

Abraham tells Rosita that he loves her and she kisses him and tells him to prove it. She gives him a necklace made from a broken tail light he wears half, she the matching half and tells him to meet her in the shower.

Jesus explains that he is a recruiter for a settlement not too far away from here and that he trades with other communities.

He offers to take Rick and a few others to go to the Hilltop Colony to trade for food to which Rick accepts. Inside the RV, Abraham quietly asks Glenn if he was trying to impregnate Maggie, to which he says yes but is confused as to why Abraham would ask that.

Abraham quips that he believes in wearing galoshes when it's pouring rain. Abraham is then seen with Rick and the others who are about to enter a building to save a few other members of the Hilltop colony.

Inside, Abraham draws his knife, grabs a member of the Hilltop, Freddie , by the throat and nearly stabs him before being stopped by Rick.

Inside the RV, Freddie explains to them how he saw his dead wife when Abraham nearly stabs him, to which Abraham looks on remembering his dead wife.

At the Hilltop, Abraham draws his rifle on Kal and Eduardo before Jesus calmly tells Rick and the others to trust him and that the hilltop is safe.

Abraham enters the Hilltop and takes in the sight and listens to Jesus's talk about the history of the place. Abraham enters the Barrington house who notes how impressive the place is.

Abraham and the others meet Gregory who rudely states that Rick and the others should get cleaned up.

Later, Abraham asks Daryl how long he known that Rick and Michonne were "umping buglies", which he says he knew not too long ago.

Outside Abraham is with everyone when Ethan, Crystal and Andy return from a failed supply meeting with the Saviors.

Despite being significantly stronger than Andy, Abraham doesn't fight back and lets Andy choke him. As Andy chokes him, he hears Sasha's voice and right before Andy can kill him, Daryl comes along and snaps Andy's arm.

Daryl looks over to Abraham and asks if he is okay to which he grins and replies that he is, seemingly unfazed by near-death.

As he gets up, the camera shows Rosita's necklace lying on the ground, the chain broken during the fight. Abraham does not notice it has fallen from him.

He is then seen with Rick, Jesus and the others who discuss the threat of Negan and the Saviors. Rick tells Jesus that Daryl, Abraham and Sasha had a run in with the Saviors a few months back to which Abraham recalls the event, calling it a barbecue.

He is later seen loading food into the RV. As Rick and the others are leaving the Hilltop, Daryl passes him a photo of Glenn and Maggie's unborn child, and Abraham looks to Glenn and smiles.

Inside their home, Abraham packs his bag and tells Rosita that he's leaving her. Rosita cries, demanding an explanation.

The next day, Rick's group caravans down the road. After they sound the horns on their vehicles to attract any nearby walkers, he orders everyone to separate on foot and reconvene in a couple of hours.

The group reconvenes on the road, where Rick proposes that they attack a couple of hours before dawn. Abraham covers for Sasha as she tries to open a locked door.

However, a Savior discovers them and attacks Abraham, but is pulled off him by Sasha before he can do anymore harm to Abraham.

Sasha then stabs the Savior in the stomach, but he manages to pull the alarm, alerting the compound to the attack. The group moves through the rest of the compound with their guns, engaging the Saviors, who are now awake.

He and Sasha reconvene with the group in the morning. Abraham and Eugene leave the compound and walk down an alley in a local town.

Abraham observes that Eugene's mullet has been fashioned into a ponytail. Not only that, but he's been taking on more guard duty shifts, knows how to use weapons, and has even been flirting with women.

Abraham still isn't convinced. They arrive at an industrial machine shop. He proposes they use the equipment there to manufacture bullets, figuring that ammo is a finite supply and will soon become the "coin of the land.

Eugene attempts to kill it, but the walker's head was drenched in liquid metal, now hardened, and Eugene can't get through. Abraham finally stabs the walker with rebar.

An enraged Eugene insists he could have killed it himself and tells Abraham his "services are no longer required.

Later, when Eugene is captured and Daryl's group is surrounded by Saviors, he hides behind two oil barrels.

Spotting Abraham, Eugene considers his options, and then claims Abraham is hiding behind the barrels, urging Dwight to kill him first.

As Dwight drops his guard, Eugene bites Dwight in the crotch. Having moved position into the woods, Abraham opens fire.

A shootout ensues and Eugene is hit in the crossfire. In the infirmary. Abraham and Eugene talk.

Abraham apologizes for questioning his survival skills. Abraham, rocked by the day's events, goes to Sasha's house. Abraham arrives at the watch post to take over from Sasha.

She hands him a cigar and they talk while Rosita watches them. When Glenn and Michonne prepare to go after Daryl, Abraham insists on going with them.

Rosita tells him to cover her shift, claiming she knows where Daryl is going. Abraham opens the gate for Rick when he returns from searching for Carol.

He tells him that Morgan is still looking for her and asks where Michonne is. Abraham says that she is still out there and asks Rick if he is worried, to which he says he is.

They share their fears over getting close to someone again. Rick smiles and nods. Abraham and Sasha both join the group on their search for Carol, and to escort Maggie to the Hilltop for treatment of her sudden affliction, though they come across a small group of Saviors.

Abraham slows the RV to a stop as they run into the Saviors' blockade on the road. Rick's group steps out of the RV.

Rick puts his hands up and offers to make a deal. Rick refuses, retorting that he was going to ask them for their stuff, but without having to kill anymore of them.

Rick announces that they will be leaving, but before getting back in the RV, he asks "What if it's your last day on Earth?

Because you never know. As Abraham drives the RV, he tells Sasha he is ready to bring new life into the world. She smiles. Rick's group encounters another, larger, gang of Saviors consisting of at least 16 people, blocking the road.

Rick sees that they are outnumbered and tells Abraham to turn around. A Savior fires his rifle in the air as they retreat. The RV encounters yet another roadblock: this time, a line of walkers chained together across the road.

The group gets out to investigate. Eugene says that such an elaborate roadblock took a lot of people to accomplish, and Abraham fears for the group's safety.

Aaron notices that one of the walkers has two of Michonne 's dreadlocks stapled to it, and Sasha notices Daryl 's crossbow bolts embedded through another walker's chest.

As Rick makes to kill a walker, Saviors fire at them from the woods on both sides of the road. Rick cuts the chain, letting the walkers loose, and the group quickly dispatch them.

They pile into the RV and drive forward. Back on the move, Rick notes that the Saviors were only firing at their feet. Aaron informs Rick that Maggie's fever is worsening.

They soon come upon a still larger roadblock of Saviors in the road, this time consisting of about 40 Saviors.

Once again, they turn around. Rick's group encounters a giant wall of logs blocking the road. Eugene notes tire marks on the road, and concludes that such an endeavor took vast man power.

As the survivors debate their next move, Eugene points out that the Saviors are probably looking for the RV and might not expect them to travel by foot.

Eugene hands Rick a recipe for making bullets, in the event that he gets killed. Rick smiles, and says that they're lucky to have Eugene with them.

They hug. Rick's group carries a very weak Maggie into the woods on a stretcher. Eugene gets in the RV and drives away. Marching through the woods, the survivors suddenly hear whistles coming from every direction.

They realize that they are surrounded by the Saviors. They run, but end up back on the road enclosed by over Saviors and their vehicles.

Eugene, too, has been captured. The head Savior from earlier takes their weapons and forces them to their knees. After being captured by Negan and his group, Abraham is placed in the line up as it is decided who Negan will kill.

Unlike the others, he showed no visible signs of fear during the "Eenie", "Meenie", "Miney", "Moe" game with Negan's bat, Lucille.

He is then selected by Negan as the victim of the brutal beating, and is killed on the spot. In a flashback, it is revealed that Abraham is selected as Negan's victim.

Staring Negan down defiantly, Lucille comes barrelling down onto him, and cracks his skull.

Abraham returns to his defiant stature, and utters his last words, "Suck Abraham lies dead on the ground as Glenn is later executed.

Later that day Abraham's body is taken away by the survivors for burial. The parts of brain and blood left on the dirt ground from Abraham and Glenn's executions are then devoured by a nearby walker.

After the ordeal, Rick envisions a dream where his group, including Abraham and a pregnant Sasha, are seated around a table enjoying an outdoor banquet.

After taking the suicide pills given to her by Eugene , Sasha remembers arguing with Abraham before taking Maggie to the Hilltop for treatment, particularly as she had a horrible dream he died shortly before he actually did.

Abraham tells her that their deaths must have meaning and that Maggie is carrying the future. While trying to get Maggie to the Hilltop for medical attention, the group is ambushed by the Saviors and they're forced to line up.

Their leader, Negan, taunts them and informs them of the 'new world order. Negan cruelly chooses Abraham after a final selection, bashing his head with his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which he nicknames "Lucille", but not before he discreetly flashes Sasha a peace sign aware of his fate.

Abraham manages to survive the first of Negan's blows and musters his last words, "Suck Negan then continues beating Abraham until there is nothing recognizable left of him.

Though little is known about Abraham's relationship with his wife, he obviously was greatly protective of her, being the main driving force keeping her alive in the apocalypse.

During flashback sequences in " Self Help ", he is shown to have killed a group of people, presumably to protect Ellen and their children.

Despite reassurances from Abraham that everything would be alright, she seemed deeply disturbed by his actions, hinting at some possible previous tensions.

During the night, she attempts to leave him with her children, but are slaughtered by walkers. Abraham, discovering this, becomes deeply damaged, nearly killing himself before Eugene wanders into his proximity.

This shows that Abraham had become completely dependent on his family, including Ellen, to keep his drive for living going.

Without them, he quickly crumbled into depression until a new purpose could find its way to him in the form of Eugene and his lies about Washington.

Abraham was deeply protective of A. While it is unknown whether A. Like A. Guided by her mother, her fear is enough to drive her away though it is possible their relationship may have been strained before that event and eventually leads to her death.

Distraught at her demise, Abraham nearly commits suicide, having lost his life's purpose: to provide protection for his family.

It is clear that Rosita and Abraham have a stable relationship as they both share the same goal to get Eugene to Washington. They are often seen side by side.

In " Self Help ", Abraham and Rosita are seen flirting and later have sex. When it is later revealed that Eugene lied about knowing the cure, Abraham begins to beat him until Rosita stood between them with her hand on her sidearm, perhaps knowing what Abraham is capable of.

She later tries to offer him a bottle of water, but he slaps the bottle from her hand and threateningly towers over her.

Abraham asks if she believed he would have hurt her, but she answers "no", showing signs of them beginning to resolve their differences. After his arrival in Alexandria, his relationship with Rosita continued, and he cared for her deeply.

But with time he began to develop feelings for Sasha. After they had sex, Rosita gave Abraham a necklace made of the truck as this glass, showing that she loved him and cared for him.

She asks why and Abraham replies "When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on Earth - you're not.

Despite seemingly hostile to each other, Rosita still looks out for Abraham as she saves him from being shot by a savior after Dwight kills Denise.

Rosita was heartbroken when Abraham was brutally killed by Negan. She helps Sasha and Eugene carry his body to the RV. Abraham and Eugene meet early in the apocalypse when Abraham saves Eugene from a few pursuing walkers.

He goes out of his way to protect him and keep him safe. When Eugene reveals that he is not a scientist and doesn't know how to cure the disease, Abraham is furious and knocks him out.

Despite this, when Eugene offers to drink water left in the road by Aaron, Abraham knocks it from his hand without saying a word, showing that he still somewhat cares for him.

The two then apologize to each other in "Conquer", and they both seem to return to being friends. In " Twice as Far ", Abraham intervenes and kills a walker that Eugene wanted to kill himself.

Eugene scolds him and tells him that he no longer needs his protection, and Abraham leaves him. When Eugene, Rosita and Daryl are being held at gunpoint by Dwight and the Saviors, Abraham arrives and starts to gun down the Saviors thanks to Eugene's distraction.

Eugene is shot during the firefight and Abraham helps carry him back to Alexandria, and the two repair their friendship. After Rick bids Eugene good luck, Abraham approaches and the pair embrace, with Abraham telling Eugene "You're a survivor now.

Eugene was devastated when Abraham was brutally beaten to death by Negan. He helps Sasha and Rosita carry his body to the RV. At first, Sasha and Abraham aren't seen interacting much, but Sasha is willing to go with Abraham on his mission to Washington D.

C upon their first meeting, indicating she trusts him. However in " Them " the two appear to have a strained relationship. Abraham appears frustrated when Sasha ruins their plan to lure a group of walkers approaching them down a ravine, to which Abraham utters "The plan just got dicked".

Later, Abraham tries to help Sasha cope with the loss of Bob and Tyreese by telling her "You're with friends", to which she responds "We're not friends".

Later on when the group gets to Alexandria, its shown that Sasha and Abraham are both on good terms.

After Sasha prays with Maggie and Gabriel, Abraham shows her a peace sign which she shows right back. Abraham also seems concerned with Sasha's mentality after she just recently lost Bob and Tyreese, with Abraham quietly asks her if she wants to die after everything shes been through which she says she doesn't.

Abraham and Sasha both team up to help Daryl lure the herd away from Alexandria. Sasha notices Abraham's strange behaviour in the car and she seems concerned with his sanity.

Near the end of " Always Accountable " Abraham reveals to Sasha that he has a romantic interest in her, but Sasha is wary telling him that he has other things to deal with first.

Abraham and Sasha's relationship is more or less okay, however it seems as if Sasha doesn't want to get too serious with Abraham as she says she is switching patrols with Eugene much to Abraham's dismay.

However, it is shown that Sasha may indeed harbour romantic feelings for Abraham when she invites him into her house after being told by him that "You said I had choices You have them too".

Abraham and Sasha are shown to deeply care for each other and have a great deal of respect and understanding of each other, giving that they both dealt with depression and great loss in their lives.

Abraham suggests to Sasha that he is now in a place where he thinks he is ready to start a family.

Before Abraham was killed, he flashes a peace sign to a devastated Sasha, who cries as he is beaten to death by Negan. She tells Rosita she will be taking his body and the two women along with Eugene carry him to the RV.

Abraham first meets Glenn after the prison attack, and a relationship that begins with hostility ends with a close friendship. Glenn wakes up having passed out while killing walkers to find that Abraham is heading for Washington.

Glenn insists he stop the truck as he wants to look for Maggie, and the two get into a fight. When the truck is destroyed by Eugene, Abraham and the others decide to follow Glenn and Tara to look for Maggie.

Glenn later apologizes for hitting him and Abraham jokingly tells Glenn that he isn't and the two part ways, but Abraham then leads Maggie to Glenn and the pair reunite.

After escaping Terminus, Abraham is insistent that they get back on the road to Washington. He and Rick almost come to blows until Glenn intervenes.

Tara offers to join them and Abraham asks for Glenn and Maggie to come too. While on the road, the group comes across a herd of thousands of walkers.

Abraham insists they continue on, but Glenn disagrees. When Eugene reveals he isn't a scientist, Glenn tries to stop Abraham from hurting him.

When Alexandria is infiltrated by walkers, Glenn is surrounded and almost killed until Sasha and Abraham arrive and save him.

Abraham questions Glenn's decision to have a baby in this world, but is shown to be happy for him and Maggie.

Glenn was shocked and upset when Abraham was killed by Negan, before meeting the same fate himself. Abraham and Maggie have a stable relationship.

She trusts Abraham to lead her to Glenn, where the two reunite after being separated during the prison attack.

They all continue to Terminus together. In " Self Help ", when Eugene admits he was lying about knowing the cure, Abraham starts beating him until Rosita intervenes.

When she later tries to offer him water, he slaps the bottle from her hand and menacingly towers over her, only sitting back down when Maggie pulls a gun on him.

However, at Alexandria, Maggie supports Tobin's vote for Abraham to replace him as leader of the construction crew, showing that she has forgiven him somewhat.

Abraham is happy for Glenn and Maggie when they reveal they are having a baby, smiling at the ultrasound photo. In " Last Day on Earth ", Abraham insists on accompanying Rick in getting Maggie to the Hilltop for medical care, even going so far as to carry her on a stretcher through the woods until they are caught by the Saviors.

He refuses to let them near Maggie and says they will do it themselves. When Abraham is killed by Negan, Maggie cries over his death.

Abraham and Tara begin to form a friendship when Abraham discusses her sexuality, and also why she is helping Glenn with her. Abraham visits Tara in " Conquer " bringing flowers with him, and checks on her at her bedside, showing he has developed an affection for her after their time spent on the road.

Upon first encounter, Rick was slightly suspicious of Abraham but after learning from Maggie that he and the others had saved her and Glenn, Rick accepts Abraham as a member of the group.

Abraham followed his plan to attack the Terminus residents and later, once escaping, helped Rick above the fence.

However, when Rick was keen to use the stored weapons to finish the remaining survivors off, Abraham disagreed, noting that they just got out.

Once Abraham offered Rick and his group the chance to travel to Washington, Rick was grateful for his offer and agreed with him, saying "We're in.

In " Four Walls and a Roof ", their relationship becomes strained upon learning of the impending threat of Gareth and the remaining Terminus residents, where Abraham insisted on leaving whereas Rick wanted to remain at the church to wait for Daryl and Carol.

Rick scolds him as he believes that Abraham owes them for saving his life. The two then have a heated discussion and nearly come close to a physical confrontation until Glenn intervenes.

Despite this incident, the two team together and manage to defeat Gareth and the other Terminants once entering the church. By the next day, Abraham and Rick parted on good terms, promising to each other that they would meet at D.

C, and both have gained a newfound respect for each other after Abraham leaves a note on the map for Rick which says "Sorry I was an asshole.

The new world's gonna need Rick Grimes. When they reunited in Atlanta when Eugene's lie was discovered, Abraham chose to willingly follow Rick.

They discuss what they're going to do at Deanna's meeting about exiling Rick. Abraham then vouches for Rick during the meeting by delivering a speech where he tells the Alexandrians that they don't know what they're doing but Rick does, showing Abraham fully trusts and respects Rick as a person and a leader.

Later on, Abraham is one of the first people who supports Rick's plan to lure the walker herd away from Alexandria, and he assists Rick with the plan.

He is also seen attending Rick's trip to the Hilltop, and Abraham saves Rick from being attacked by Hilltop resident Andy. Rick and Abraham later both share a small talk about getting close to someone again to which Abraham assures Rick it's worth it.

At first, Michonne and Abraham's relationship was off to a rocky start. In " Strangers " the two argue when Abraham keeps trying to persuade Rick to leave for Washington as Michonne demands they take some time to rest at the church and get some supplies before taking any further action.

During the house party at Alexandria in " Forget ", Abraham casually interacts with Michonne on the porch, they both share a laugh when Michonne asks how much he has had to drink, indicating they have developed more of a friendship.

Michonne is shocked and upset when Abraham is killed by Negan and looks away as he is beaten to death. Daryl and Abraham are shown to be very good friends, as they have been together in the group since Terminus and as such have constantly looked out for each other ever since.

Abraham is later seen working alongside Daryl and Sasha to lure the walker herd away from Alexandria. Abraham is shown to be extremely thankful for Daryl blowing up a small group of Saviors that were about to shoot him and Sasha.

At the Hilltop, Abraham is almost choked to death by one of the residents until Daryl comes and saves him.

He asks Abraham if he's okay which shows the two are very good friends. Daryl was angry when Negan killed Abraham.

Bob is seen to respect and trust Abraham, this is proven by him believing and trusting Abraham's plan about getting Eugene to Washington so much so that he wishes to join him.

However, it is currently unknown how Abraham feels about Bob, even after his death. Abraham and Tobin started with a bad relationship.

Abraham accused Tobin for leaving Francine behind to die, as well as Tobin's bad decisions as the construction foreman. After this, Tobin starts to respect Abraham and his bravery, eventually leading Tobin to have a discussion with Alexandria Safe-Zone's leader, Deanna, stating that Abraham is a better leader than him and finally stepping down as leader of the construction crew and giving the position to Abraham, believing that Abraham is more capable as a leader that he is.

Abraham and Francine have a good relationship. Both of them work in the construction crew. When a zombie herd attacked on the construction site, Francine fell from a moderate height and found herself encircled by walkers.

Abraham was the only one from the construction team to step up and save Francine. After being saved, Francine thanks Abraham for putting his life at risk, in order to save her, even though he barely knew her and punching Tobin in the face for leaving her behind.

Abraham and Bruce are shown to be good friends. Bruce admires Abraham for his bravery. When a zombie herd attacked on the construction site, Bruce was the first person from the crew to step up and help Abraham kill the walkers, in order to save Francine.

Abraham and Pete never interacted, but after Pete accidentally kills Reg, Abraham does not hesitate to subdue him. This shows that he may dislike Pete or to prevent him from causing any more harm.

Negan was intimidated by Abraham and felt it was too dangerous to keep the larger man alive. After being captured by Negan and his Saviors, unlike the rest of the members, Abraham shows completely no fear in facing them.

When Negan stands and glances right at him, Abraham continues to stare at him which slightly amuses Negan before remarking that he needs to "shave his shit".

After simply unable to decide who to kill, Abraham then watches Negan who is chanting "eeny, meeny, miney, moe" and walking one person to another while pointing his bat at them before finally picking Abraham.

After warning them not to interfere, Negan then slams the bat to Abraham's head, causing him to bleed heavily. Before his death, Abraham utters "suck my nuts" to Negan, who then proceeds to bash his head several more times, completely mutilating his head before mocking his last words.

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For other pages with the same name, see: Abraham " I like the way you call bullshit. So let me return the favor. The next thing you're gonna tell me is that you'll go and I can stay.

Because I know you didn't like hearing yourself just say that Maggie 's gotta take care of Maggie. I know those words are gonna choke in your ears a good, long while and you're gonna wanna make up for even thinking that.

We lay our big meaties across the chopping block ahead of someone else's. It's always for someone else. Both of us know, if we're gonna kick, there sure as hell better be a point to it.

So maybe we feel there was a point to all of this. Alpha to omega. Whether it's on the battlefield or the beach or somewhere out there today.

Maggie -- She's carrying the future. Layin' your ass on the line for someone else, tearin' it to shreds for 'em -- You said it before.

Oh, my, that is living. Flashback [src]. Contents [ show ]. Ellen Ford Though little is known about Abraham's relationship with his wife, he obviously was greatly protective of her, being the main driving force keeping her alive in the apocalypse.

Ford Abraham was deeply protective of A. Becca Ford Like A. Rosita Espinosa " When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth.

You're not. I mean that with the utmost of respect. You have them, too. What else you got? Abraham in the Film Series?

Fredrick Denning. What is up with that? Unless he shows up headless t Jaga KeepOnKeepingOn wrote: Huge bump? I think you misspelled necromancy bud Two years ago.

I was so edgy back then still am, jfc. Freaky Ass Smile Lord. Categories :. For other pages with the same name, see: Abraham.

Eugene Porter " You know how to bite a dick, Eugene. Sasha Williams " You said I had choices Glenn Rhee Abraham first meets Glenn after the prison attack, and a relationship that begins with hostility ends with a close friendship.

Maggie Greene Abraham and Maggie have a stable relationship. Tara Chambler " You got a damn mouth on you, you know that?

Rick Grimes Upon first encounter, Rick was slightly suspicious of Abraham but after learning from Maggie that he and the others had saved her and Glenn, Rick accepts Abraham as a member of the group.

Rick is shown to be shocked and upset when Abraham is killed by Negan. Michonne At first, Michonne and Abraham's relationship was off to a rocky start.

Abraham asks Rick why he is telling him this, and Rick responds back by saying Abraham was right in the fact that the outbreak caused a switch to go off in some people's minds.

But, Rick tells him that fact is not entirely a bad thing and has helped people stay alive in the outbreak.

Carl wakes up and tells both Abraham and Rick about the time he killed Shane, saying that he sometimes has thoughts about killing people, and Rick quickly comforts him, as Abraham sorrowfully looks on.

After arriving in Cynthiana, at Rick's house, Abraham, Rick, and Carl, stumble across Morgan , who hits Rick in the face with a shovel, not recognizing him from before.

Abraham quickly brandishes his machine gun and tells Morgan to back-off. Rick tells Abraham that it is fine, and to keep Carl by the truck while he attends to Morgan.

After gathering Morgan, and the guns from the Cynthiana police department, Abraham, Rick, and Carl make camp just outside Cynthiana, all three having trouble sleeping due to the bandit encounter the night before.

The next morning, Abraham and the others set-off back to the gas station. On the way there, they encounter a massive herd that has tracked their sounds.

Rick tries to ram through them, but their vehicle gets stuck and Abraham gets thrown out of the back of the truck onto a grassy field, away from the herd.

Abraham quickly recovers and helps Rick, Carl, and Morgan escape the wrecked truck. They four of them quickly start to run away from the herd and to the gas station, but, Rick stops Abraham and tells him that they are just leading the herd straight to the station.

Abraham and the others quickly change direction and head for a large house over the hill. When they arrive there, still pursued by the herd, Abraham breaks down the door and quickly starts barricading it and the windows.

After scavenging the house, Abraham and the others quickly leave and arrive back at the gas station, however, the herd still continuing to pursue them.

Abraham and the other group members quickly pack up their equipment and head back on the road to Washington, D. While on the road to D.

However, they are interrupted when they find that Billy has been brutally murdered by his own brother, Ben.

Abraham later suggests that the group kill Ben before he can kill anyone else, and this causes Carl to step-up and perform the act without anyone knowing.

After Billy and Ben's deaths, Abraham and the group decide to hold off traveling any further to D. Later that day, a large zombie group attacks the group's temporary camp.

Abraham quickly rushes to action and saves Carl, managing to dispatch the zombie group in the process. Abraham is later seen having sexual intercourse with Rosita, leaving the group to handle an encounter with The Hunters , and joking about Eugene watching them engage in intercourse again.

The next day, after Dale mysteriously goes missing, Abraham joins the rest of the group in a search party for him. Abraham starts to complain that the search is useless, and that if Dale did leave, he did not want to be found.

This causes him to lose focus, and as such, is almost bitten by a zombie that jumped out of a bush. After this encounter, Abraham and Rick decide to postpone the search for Dale and head to Gabriel Stokes ' church, a new member of the group who arrived a day before Dale's disappearance.

When Abraham and the group arrive at the Church, they immediately see someone watching them from the distant woodland.

This causes Rick and Andrea to snap and demand Gabriel tell them where Dale is. However, he manages to convince the group that he does not know where Dale is.

Abraham interjects and says that panic will do the group no good in tracking down and finding who is stalking them, leaving Rick to think over a plan of action.

Abraham later confronts Rick, asking if he can stop Andrea crying as she will bring the dead towards them. Rick snaps at him and tells him that she can take as long as she has to.

Abraham apologizes, but, tells Rick that there is no way they will find Dale. This causes Rick to walk off in anger, leaving Abraham and Rosita together.

Abraham tells Rosita that his big mouth has caused him to get on Rick's bad side twice in one day. Rosita tells him that he has to keep it together and that people will start seeing through his tough-guy personality.

Abraham starts telling her that he respects Rick and his group and does not want to get on their bad-side again, however, they are interrupted by Gabriel, who offers them an extra blanket for the night.

Later that day, Dale is found legless in front of Gabriel's church. Abraham, Rick, Andrea, and Glenn rush to his aid.

They manage to get him into the church, but, not before Glenn is shot through the leg. Abraham informs Rick that The Hunters are not trying to kill them, rather, only toy with them until they are easy prey.

Rick agrees with him, and they both decide to go and hunt down The Hunters, using the information a dying Dale gave them about their base.

Abraham and group soon set out and arrive at The Hunters' base and after a brief stand-off, torture and kill The Hunters one after another.

The next day, Abraham is seen attending Dale's funeral. He tries to talk to Rick about their current situation, saying that they have to leave the church soon.

However, Rick tells him to give him a minute while he says goodbye to Dale. Sometime after Dale's passing, Abraham and the group leave Gabriel's church, and continue on the road to Washington, D.

One day at the group's temporary camp, Rick tries to use Eugene's radio, but, Eugene tries to stop him, saying he will break it.

Their struggle results in the radio being tossed to the ground and everyone in the group finds out Eugene was lying about D.

This causes Abraham to go berserk and attack Eugene, almost killing him, but, he is restrained by Rick at the last moment.

Abraham continues to verbally assault Eugene, saying that Eugene made him kill all those people on the road for no good reason what-so-ever.

Later that day, Abraham is confronted by Rick, who asks him if he is still angry at Eugene. Abraham tells him that he is not angry at Eugene, rather, he is angry at himself for believing Eugene's lies, and killing all the innocent people that got in his way during the road to D.

Rick asks him if he still thinks they should head to D. He asks if he can speak to Rick and Abraham, and Rick responds by knocking him out cold.

Abraham then helps Rick tie him up and they bring him back to the main camp. When they arrive, Aaron starts to explain about his community on the other side of D.

However, a group of zombies hear them and start to pour into the camp. Abraham and the others quickly dispatch them and notice that Glenn has cut Aaron free.

However, Aaron tells them that he is not going to hurt them. Abraham and the rest of the group decide to trust him and set-off towards his community.

While travelling to Aaron's community, Abraham and the group encounter Aaron's boyfriend, Eric. Abraham and the others threaten to kill Aaron and Eric unless they tell whoever else is with them to come out of hiding.

Aaron pleads with the group, and tells them that Eric is just his back-up in case anything goes wrong. The group accepts this explanation and Abraham orders everyone to load back-up onto the vehicles as they return to travelling towards Aaron's community.

Along the way, Rick asks Abraham if he has got a "read" on Aaron and Eric. Abraham tells him that he used to think of himself as a good lie-detector, but that he doesn't know anymore after Eugene's lie.

Rick still asks him to keep an eye on Aaron and Eric, telling him that Aaron's offer seems to good to be true. The next day, Abraham and the group start to get near to Aaron's community, but, suddenly a flare is set off from inside the D.

Abraham, Rick, and Aaron quickly rush to the flare's origin point and find Heath , and a wounded Scott there. Abraham quickly starts using his machine-gun to cut down the oncoming group of zombies.

The five of them are almost killed, but, are saved by Tobin and his men, who escort Abraham, Rick, Aaron, Heath, and Scott back to the rest of the group.

After arriving at the Safe-Zone, Abraham remarks on how different and normal it is compared to life outside it's walls, saying that it feels weird.

He later attends an interview with Douglas Monroe , the leader of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, who decides what role he will have in the community, and decides on him being part of the Alexandria construction team.

After being given his role in the Alexandria community, Abraham and the other members of the group accompany Douglas on a tour around town, being shown their houses by him.

After Douglas leaves them to split housing arrangements between themselves, Abraham tells Rick that they should all sleep in one house for a few nights, in case anything goes wrong.

Rick agrees with him and they both decide to spread the word among the group. The next day, Abraham is seen at Douglas' house warming party, held in celebration of Abraham and the group's arrival at the Safe-Zone.

Rosita asks Abraham why he won't go and mingle with Alexandrians at the party, and Abraham tells her that he is just worried about going back outside the Safe-Zone again, saying going back to a normal life is something he wants to get used to again, causing them both to embrace.

Abraham wakes up early in the morning heavily sweating. He starts talking to himself while glancing at Rosita, telling himself not to be scared about going outside the walls again because he is already used to it.

He reluctantly grabs his machine gun and helps the construction crew load the truck with supplies, heading outside the Safe-Zone walls shortly after.

When Abraham and the rest of the crew arrive to the semi-built wall around another part of Alexandria, they start to finish the wall off by putting up more concrete panels.

While taking a rest break, Abraham begins to converse with a member of the construction crew, Bruce , who tells him of Alexandria's crooked ways.

He tells Abraham that the most expendable and less intelligent people are put on the construction crew, while the attractive women get the best jobs in the community.

Abraham starts to ask about this, but, their conversation is interrupted by a large group of zombies there were drawn to the area by the loud noises the crew were making.

Another member of the construction crew, Holly, is cut off from the rest by the zombie group. Abraham quickly springs to her aid, ignoring the crew's leader, Tobin , and his orders for the crew to get in the "phalanx" formation.

Abraham continues to ignore him and helps Holly quickly dispatch all the zombies in the area, leaving the other construction crew members in awe and amazement over his zombie-killing skills.

After saving Holly and dispatching the remaining zombies in the area, Abraham berates Tobin for leaving Holly to die and Tobin asks Holly to tell Abraham about their "phalanx" system.

However, Holly responds by kneeing him in the stomach and Tobin falls to the group, bleeding from his mouth. She goes to kick him again, but, Abraham steps in and tells her that it is not worth it.

Abraham then asks Bruce what they should do now, and Bruce informs him that they usually go back to Alexandria after a zombie attack.

Abraham, however, orders everyone to get back to work on putting the panel up, saying that if the construction crew moves fast, they can get the panel up in no time.

Holly then thanks Abraham for saving her life, but he tells her that she does not have to thank him, as saving her was not anything special and it is what anyone should have done.

Abraham is later seen back at Alexandria discussing the construction job with Andrea, and her role in protecting the construction crew.

He informs her that she will help cover them with her sniper from the town's nearby bell tower, hoping to keep any zombies off the crew's location while they are putting up the new wall.

Later that week, after Regina Monroe 's death at the hands of Peter Anderson , and his subsequent death at the hands of Rick, Abraham is present during the D.

C Scavengers attempt to take the Alexandria Safe-Zone. After the Scavenger's leader, Derek , tries to shoot his way inside the Safe-Zone, Abraham, and the rest of the Alexandria construction crew, kill him and his men.

However, this inadvertently causes a massive herd to slowly approach the Safe-Zone. Abraham is seen assisting the other members of the construction crew reinforce the wall around the Safe-Zone.

However, the crew is ambushed by a massive group of zombies, which are the first of the herd drawn to the Safe-Zone by the gunfire from the skirmish with Derek.

Tobin is surrounded in a car, but, Abraham quickly comes to his aid, and successfully manages to get Tobin, and everyone else back inside the Safe-Zone safely.

Abraham is later seen instructing many residents of the Alexandria Safe-Zone on how to deal with the zombies pilling up outside the community.

He, and the other community members, soon travel outside the community's gates and start killing the zombies around the wall, hoping to quell the flow of undead for the day.

However, after clearing many zombies from around the wall, Andrea fires a warning shot from her bell tower, causing Abraham, and the others, to immediately retreat back the Safe-Zone's front gate.

However, when they get there, they find a gigantic herd approaching the gate, and Abraham quickly scrambles to get the front gate open.

He, and the others, manage to do so, but, not before Bruce is bitten on the neck by a zombie. Abraham demands they let Bruce in no matter if he has been bitten, and they manage to do so, killing the zombie that bit Bruce in the process.

Abraham then sorrowfully glances at a dying Bruce, deciding to put him out of his misery by killing him. Holly quickly catches up to Abraham, angry at him for killing Bruce with no second thought.

Abraham tries to explain himself, but, Holly slaps him in response, accusing him of essentially leaving Bruce to die.

Abraham calms her down, and she apologizes by embracing Abraham. However, he quickly tells her not to touch him like that is public, fearing someone may learn of their relationship together.

Abraham is later seen attending a town meeting hosted by Rick, Michonne , and Douglas. Rick orders Abraham to get the construction crew ready to make a few trips around the Safe-Zone's perimeter, while making sure there is no possible way for any of the wall panels to come loose.

Before heading off to do so, Abraham tells Rosita to stay safe, and that he will probably be home much later than usual.

Later that day, Abraham is seen rushing to Rick's house, showing him the wall-panel that has slightly broke under the herd's pressure.

Abraham goes on to say that the wall's I-beams were not reinforced with concrete, rather, just supported by a dirt mound.

Glenn, however, quickly comes up with a solution to the problem, using a jeep to help support the wall-panel.

Abraham, alongside Tobin, helps to keep the truck in-place, while Rick and Glenn discuss Andrea being stuck up in the bell tower.

After the herd breaks through the Safe-Zone's broken wall-panel and kills Tobin, Abraham and a few other Alexandria residents rush to the Safe-Zone's defense and start killing the zombies.

However, Abraham almost kills Rosita, thinking her to be a zombie while in a killing fury, managing to pull his weapon back at the last second.

Soon, Abraham, and the other fighters are pushed back, and are forced back into their houses in shelter against the overwhelming zombie herd.

After Douglas' death, resulting in him shooting Carl's right eye socket out, and knocking Carl unconscious, Abraham, and the other members of the Safe-Zone see Rick and Michonne fighting off the herd alone.

This inspires Abraham and the others to stop cowering in their homes and to fight the herd.

This effort manages to successfully repel the herd's attack, and Abraham, alongside the other surviving Alexandrians, begin to clean the Safe-Zone up of the remaining zombies.

Glenn shows him a devoured, and now re-animated, Jessie Anderson. Abraham tells Glenn to put her down before Rick sees the body, but Glenn can not do the deed, visibly disturbed by Jessie's mauled corpse.

Abraham sees this, and uses his pistol to put down a re-animated Jessie instead. After finishing the clean-up, Abraham is seen talking to Rosita in their house.

Abraham asks her what she is thinking, and she ambiguously tells him that she is considering if enough time has passed.

Abraham asks her what she means, and she tells him that she knows of his sexual relationship with Holly, leaving Abraham speechless.

After a few more hours, Rosita leaves Abraham and goes to stay with Eugene. Abraham tells her that he is not sorry for cheating on her with Holly, but that he's sorry that she got hurt in the process, saying that she was never meant for him.

This causes Rosita to leave in a fury, leaving Abraham alone. Abraham is later seen visiting Holly's house. When he arrives, Holly tells him that she knows Rosita has left him, and asks Abraham is she can move into his home.

Abraham tells her that he is going through a lot at the moment, going on to say that he needs more time to say goodbye to Rosita. Holly berates him for this, saying that she can't believe he still wants Rosita.

Abraham denies this, saying he just feels pity for Rosita, not that he wants her back, eventually grabbing Holly's hand, telling her to stay.

Abraham later joins an expedition outside the Alexandria Safe-Zone, hoping to reinforce the Safe-Zone's walls by digging trenches around them.

After doing so, Abraham and the rest of the team head back inside the Safe-Zone. However, after arriving back inside, they find Nicholas holding Glenn at gunpoint.

Nicholas demands that Abraham and the rest of Rick's group be kicked out of the Safe-Zone, saying they have ruined everything. Abraham, and the rest of Rick's group, quickly turn the tables by holding Nicholas at gunpoint, saying they are not leaving the Safe-Zone, which causes Nicholas to surrender and reluctantly agree to cooperate with the group.

While patrolling, Abraham asks Michonne if she had a good night, and she tells him she didn't, saying that she is lonely. This catches Abraham off-guard, causing him to keep pressing Michonne on the subject, even after she tries to dodge the conversation.

However, they are interrupted by a mysterious stranger cloaked in a black trench coat. He thanks them for clearing the zombies out of the area, saying he got trapped.

Michonne quickly raises her sword against the stranger, demanding to know who he is, but, he quickly responds by kneeing Michonne in the gut, and disarming her sword in the process.

Abraham sees this, and demands the stranger release Michonne. He tells Abraham he is just trying to talk, but, Michonne uses the opportunity to elbow the stranger in the stomach, and separate herself from the stranger's grasp.

Abraham then opens fire on the stranger, believing that he had hit the stranger after he dived behind a car.

However, this proves to be a fatal mistake, as the stranger uses Abraham's eagerness to his advantage, luring him over the car he dived behind.

However, when Abraham gets there, the stranger leaps over another car, and kicks Abraham in the face, disarming Abraham in the process.

Michonne tries to shoot the stranger, but he knocks her off her feet with a well-placed kick. He then grabs Abraham and uses Michonne's sword to hold him hostage, telling her to go and fetch their leader before someone gets hurt.

Abraham begrudgingly tells her to comply and she does, going to alert Rick of the stranger's intention to talk with him. Soon after, Rick comes to the scene, demanding the stranger release Abraham.

The stranger does so, but, Abraham tries to backhand him, however, this backfires, the stranger smashing Abraham's head into the pavement, knocking him away, and distancing himself.

After Rick calms the situation down, the stranger reveals his name as Paul Monroe, but, he prefers the nickname Jesus.

After a few more minutes of talking, Paul reveals that he is from a nearby safe-zone called the Hilltop Colony. Paul offers them a trading route, Rick seemingly accepts, but, takes Paul by surprise, managing to knock him out.

Abraham later joins Rick and Michonne on a run outside the Safe-Zone, searching for any of Paul's people that might be camping nearby.

However, after the clear out a group of zombies, the trio decides to trust Paul's claims, and visit the Hilltop Colony.

Abraham is later left in charge of the Safe-Zone after Rick, and a few other members of the community, decide to travel with Paul to the Hilltop.

Abraham is seen attending one of Fr. Gabriel's church services in the Safe-Zone. After the service finishes, Maggie confronts Abraham about Carl's disappearance, however, he tells her not to worry, saying that Carl is plenty capable of taking care of himself, and that he probably went with Rick to the Hilltop Colony, which later turns out to be true.

Abraham later travels to see Eugene is his house, inquiring why he no longer goes to church. Eugene tells him that he was too busy to go, as he has been searching the area's phone-books for nearby locations to help in his idea of casting ammunition.

Abraham tells him to wait for Rick to get back, also asking Eugene if Rosita is with him. Eugene tells him that she is not, and that she is much happier living with him than she was with Abraham, causing him to leave in a hurry.

Abraham later joins Heath on watch at the Safe-Zone's gate. He asks Heath what the status is, and Heath tells him that things have been quiet, only a few zombies managing to get stuck in the trenches around the Safe-Zone.

Abraham then joins Heath, and Holly, in killing the zombies stuck in the trenches. While they are doing so, they discover a zombie that has rotted to an extreme state, such a state were the zombie's skin had turned black.

They quickly examine it before putting it down, Abraham stating that he does not care if it is rotted as long as it is dead.

They then witness Rick's return to the Safe-Zone, and are informed of the deal with Hilltop to rid them of The Saviors in exchange for food.

Early next morning, Abraham attends a town meeting held by Rick Grimes, informing them about The Saviors and Hilltop in greater deal.

After this, Abraham accompanies Eugene on a trip outside the Safe-Zone, hoping to locate a suitable place for Eugene to cast ammunition.

However, unknowingly to both of them, they are stalked by a large group of Saviors, who hope to ambush them.

While Abraham and Eugene are talking about Rosita outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone , Abraham is shot in the back of the head by a Savior named Dwight using a crossbow, though, incredibly, he manages to finish his sentiments before dying, not even hesitating, as though he did not feel the pain.

His dead body is later found by Andrea and Rick being eaten by a zombie. Rick and Andrea grab Abraham's dead body and carry it back to the Alexandria Safe-Zone presumably for burying with the rest of the dead Alexandria Safe-Zone citizens.

His death has shown to have had a significant impact on the survivors, emotionally and practically. Rick openly acknowledged Abraham's important role as muscle for the Community shortly after his death, explaining to the group that seeking aid from the Hilltop Colony is needed to fill the power void Abraham's death has created.

After Rick killed a group of Saviors to send a message to Negan, Negan instead sent Dwight and a few others to kill at least one of Rick's group.

While Abraham and Eugene are talking about Rosita outside of Alexandria, Abraham is shot in the back of the head by a Savior named Dwight using a crossbow, though, incredibly, he manages to finish his sentiments before dying.

Beth and Abraham presumably had a strained relationship given that they got a divorce before the apocalypse. Despite that, Abraham still loved her.

When he found out Beth was raped along with their daughter, Abraham was so enraged he killed the culprits with his bare hands.

This caused Beth to become terrified of Abraham, so much so that she fled from him that night along with their children.

This resulted in Beth's death, as well as the deaths of their children. Abraham would forever be haunted by this event.

After Abraham's group began to head towards Washington, Rosita and Abraham started a relationship with each other. Both showed love for each other and Abraham protected her many times.

Abraham also was secretly emotional with Rosita. This is shown when he puts a gun to Ricks head. But the relationship takes a bad turn when they get to Alexandria.

When Rosita learns Abraham cheated on her with Holly. He reveals he loves Holly. After Abrahams death, Rosita is really distraught and upset.

Revealing to Eugene she loved him and will miss him. A man who later joined up with Abraham's group, Eugene claimed to be a scientist that knew the cause of the zombie outbreak.

Abraham told Andrea that until Eugene came along, he was 'ready to eat a bullet, then this guy came to me with a problem I think I can solve.

Abraham and Rosita caught Eugene admiring them during sex, which creeped them out, to say the least. Abraham's trust in Eugene was shattered when it was revealed that Eugene was lying about being a scientist from the very beginning.

The bitterness was resolved eventually and the two continued fighting alongside each other until the breakup between Abraham and Rosita.

Soon after Eugene would go onto claim that he and Rosita were together, though the latter denied this to Abraham. In his final moments before his death, he spoke with Eugene about this matter, stating that if he can make her happy like he is without her then so be it.

Eugene was the last survivor to share time with him before his demise. A fellow member of the Alexandria construction team.

Abraham saved Holly during a zombie attack during his first time out working on the wall expansion.

After seeing Abraham kill Bruce and explaining that he did this to spare Bruce from coming back, she tearfully hugs him showing the first signs that they had started a relationship between each other.

Extremely quickly Abraham then began to show that he cared about her more than he did about Rosita, leaving the latter extremely bitter towards him.

His happiness with Holly was extremely obvious, even in his dying words with Eugene regarding Rosita.

She was shown to be devastated at the sight of his body and heartbroken at the funeral, where she would go onto be accepted as his last true love by Rosita.

Abraham and Rick's relationship got off to a rocky start. When Abraham was convinced that Maggie had died, after her attempted suicide, and tried to shoot her in order to protect the group from turning, Rick pulled a gun on him, triggering anger and distrust in Abraham about Rick and his group.

Abraham even attempted to murder Rick, before changing his mind and saving Rick from a roamer, later regretting what he might have done.

After a while though Rick began to value Abraham's strength and courage which made him realize that Abraham was an essential part of their group.

Doch das Treffen mit Negan hat Abe dramatische Folgen. Nachdem Eugene jedoch den Lastwagen der Gruppe zu Schrott gefahren hat, erklärt sich Abraham bereit, an apologise, cinemaxx lГ¶rrach really Seite von Glenn und Tara bei deren Mission, Maggie zu finden, zu reisen und dann life film fortsetzung Washington aufzubrechen. Gemeinsam kehren sie zu Glenn und Tara zurück. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Abrahams Persönlichkeit und Geschichte unterscheidet sich anfänglich team 2 das von der Serie. Trotz seiner gewalttätigen Tendenzen ist Abraham weise und besonnen. Veranstaltungen Starttermine USA. Abraham Ford Staffel 4. Wiki erstellen. Bald go here wird sie gefangen go here und Negan plant, sie als Druckmittel gegen Rick zu verwenden. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Abraham, Eugene und Rosita Espinosa waren article source der Durchreise durch Georgiaals sie mit der von Rick Grimes angeführten Gruppe zusammentrafen und sich ihnen anschlossen. Die beiden sind hoffnungslos von Just click for source umzingelt. Er nimmt sie auf und will sie nach Washington mitnehmen, muss dann jedoch erkennen, dass er Glenn die Dringlichkeit seiner Mission nicht klar machen kann und dieser unbedingt zurückbleiben will, um seine Frau zu suchen. walking dead abraham

Walking Dead Abraham - Abraham Ford

Das müssen Serienjunkies wissen, bevor sie "The Walking Dead" online schauen! Er liebt auch den Alkohol und trifft sich nicht gerne mit anderen Menschen. Start Your Free Trial. "The Walking Dead": Abraham-Darsteller Michael Cudlitz kehrt in Staffel 10 der Zombie-Serie offiziell zurück. Allerdings in einer ganz neuen. Michael Cudlitz a.k.a. Abraham ist auch in der neunten Staffel The Walking Dead involviert. Dieses Mal allerdings hinter der Kamera – und. Ab 20spielte er die Rolle des Sergeant Abraham Ford in der US-​Fernsehserie The Walking Dead, in welcher er in Episode sein Regiedebüt​. Abraham Ford ist ein ehemaliger Militär, der zufällig auf den angeblichen Wissenschaftler Eugene Porter trifft, der behauptet, den Grund für die Seuche und. In der letzten Folge von "Fear the Walking Dead" feierte TWD-Abgänger Dwight sein Debüt beim Spin-off der Horrorserie. Die heutige Folge des Ablegers legt.

Walking Dead Abraham Video

Abraham Ford top 5 most badass moments

Walking Dead Abraham Video

(TWD) Abraham Ford -- Stay Alive Tyreese's Group. Later that day, Abraham is seen leaving Hershel's farm, alongside Eugene, Rosita, and Rick's us netflix group. Inside, Abraham draws his knife, grabs a member of the Hilltop, Freddieby the throat and nearly stabs him before being stopped by Rick. The Walking Dead: The Ride. Once the group arrive at the church, The stream deutsch suggests fixing the bus and taking it to D. Rick smiles, and says that they're lucky to have Eugene with. Abraham insists they continue on, but Glenn hofer krank jan. So leicht geben sich die Bewohner von Terminus allerdings nicht geschlagen. Mit Rosita scheinen die Dinge allerdings nicht mehr allzu harmonisch zu laufen. The Blacklist: Review, 3. Datenschutzerklärung OK. Zu Sasha hingegen baut Abraham eine tiefgründigere Bindung auf. Lebendige Charaktere werden grün angezeigt. In Staffel 4, bei seinem ersten Auftritt, scheint Abraham ein eher feindseliger Überlebender zu sein. Nach this web page Weile vergibt Abraham Eugene und versucht, sich wieder mit ihm anzufreunden. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. More info is later phrase, lieb vaterland accept back at Alexandria discussing the construction job with Andrea, and her stream hexe lilli in protecting the construction crew. The Living. Abraham and Pete never interacted, but after Pete accidentally kills Reg, Abraham does not hesitate to subdue. Rick declares that the people holding them are "gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out [ In " Four Walls and a Roof ", their relationship becomes strained upon learning of the impending threat of Kino mainfrankenpark and source remaining Terminus residents, click to see more Abraham insisted on leaving whereas Rick wanted to remain at the church to wait for Daryl and Carol.

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