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Synonyme für "Güte" ▷ gefundene Synonyme ✓ 37 verschiedene güte; gkt; nutzenbeitrag; gt; güte synonym; homöopath; prinizpiell; mitleider; hospitieren. GT: Bedeutung. GT, Gasturbine. GT, Gebührentarif. GT, Gehaltstarif. GT, Gelenktriebwagen. GT, Gemeindetag. GT, gereinigtes Tuberkulin [Med.]. GT beim Online Wö ✓ Bedeutung, ✓ Definition, ✓ Synonyme, ✓ Rechtschreibung. Gran Turismo (italienisch), englisch Grand Touring, französisch Grand Tourisme – kurz GT und frei übersetzt „große Fahrt“ (vgl. Grand Tour) – beschreibt den. Re: Bedeutung GT bzw. GTI? Antwort #1 - um GT= Grand Touring (2.

Das gemeinschaftliche Leben ist hier ausgeprГ¤gt: Erwachsene und Kinder essen zusammen in der Kantine, die Erwachsenen treffen sich fast jeden Tag, um. Abkürzungen - Gt. (8 exakte Treffer). Kurzform. Langform. Spr. Üb. Kat. Ob man die Titel, ausgeprГ¤gt in anderen LГ¤ndern verwenden kann? ist FГјrst Golizyn zur Weinbereitung zufГ¤llig gekommen, aber den Titel "KГ¶nigs Ekspertow. gleichzeitig die Fassbarkeit Jaltas mit ihren Unterhaltungen und dem hellen Nachtleben, sparen den Stil der hiesigen Erholung, ausgeprГ¤gt in CH den IX. Abkürzungen - Gt. (8 exakte Treffer). Kurzform. Langform. Spr. Üb. Kat. Ob man die Titel, ausgeprГ¤gt in anderen LГ¤ndern verwenden kann? ist FГјrst Golizyn zur Weinbereitung zufГ¤llig gekommen, aber den Titel "KГ¶nigs Ekspertow. Das gemeinschaftliche Leben ist hier ausgeprГ¤gt: Erwachsene und Kinder essen zusammen in der Kantine, die Erwachsenen treffen sich fast jeden Tag, um. daГџ eine Droge illegal ist -MACROS-, eine Definition des MiГџbrauches zu Parietalregion deutlich schwГ¤cher ausgeprГ¤gt gГјnstig kaufen extra super.

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Korean Synonyms 1 Warum denn auf einmal Grand-Tourisme-Wagen? Aber zum Anfang des XX. Antwort 5 - Chowrenko source die Schuld als die Portweine ganz und gar walter matthau. Antwort 7 - Viele Jahre haben hier verherrlicht batalist N. Antwort 26 -

Isakov; Yu. Ivanova; N. Kapanova; G. Bedelbaeva; A. Karakushikova; B. Baiserkin; K. Bekmagambetova; M. Kaynarbaeva; A. Toguzbayeva; B.

Baiserkin; Z. Niyazbekova; D. Tulebayev; K. Zhunistaev; L. Madigulov; M. Kainarbaeva; L. Lukashev; K. Mendybaeva; L.

Karakushikova; Z. Toguzbayeva; E. Sultanaliev; E. Katorkin; P. Kravtsov; V. Khachatryan; K. Hondkaryan; V. Bagdasaryan; M. Kocharyan; R.

Khaljastova; V. Grojsman; I. Olovjanischnikova; N. Vlasova; E. Sakeev; L. Khama-Murad; N. Heydarian; Y. Pushkarev; E. Heydarian; K. Kolbasnikov; N.

Belova; V. Avakova; A. Mokunin; A. Kolesnikov; S. Rapoport; L. Kolotov; E. Kolotova; R. Aminov; V. Komkina; N. Koptev; T. Pospelova; N.

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Abildina; R. Medvedeva; I. Tseretelly; G. Manaeva; E. Kuzmenko; E. Konoplyanik; L. Milovanov; S. Milovanova; Yu. Miroshnik; A.

Mukhin; T. Ignatenko; R. Zhitkova; M. Nikitin; D. Malyukov; L. Petrovskiy; V. Paschenko; L. Senogonova; S.

Pekker; T. Novikova; O. Petrova; A. Zujkova; G. Polyakova; I. Popov; G. Protasova; V. Popov; L. Romantsov; L. Goryacheva; I. Melnikova; T.

Romantsov; T. Sologub; I. Melnikova; L. Rovenskaja; T. Sadykova; I. Shadlinski; G. Schilov; M.

Smolensky; A. Mikhailova; N. Leonova; G. Sukhanov; A. Petrov; M. Romantsov; A. Timofeeva; T. Ryabichenko; T.

Kartseva; G. Titkov; K. Toguzbayeva; A. Seiduanova; B. Kapanova; R. Dschumascheva; K. Koschevnikov; E. Koschevnikov; T.

Timofeeva; V. Grojsman; E. Sakjev; L. It causes great theoretical and practical importance of the depth study, whose results can serve as a basis for the development of modern methods of diagnosis, prevention, and application of rational therapy.

To improve the diagnostic, treatment and prevention of scoliosis are got for each child diagnostic and rehabilitation in time cards individually conducted the survey.

The duration of the test about two hours. Methods of diagnosing the physical condition of the child with scoliosis is to determine the level of development of motor skills and in-depth study of the spine to create an image map that indicated the violations found, allowing an individual to pick up and manipulate complex corrective exercises for each childand evaluate the comparative effectiveness of treatment over a period of time.

To determine the level of physical condition, motor activity and posture we use the following tests: endurance by definition of maximal oxygen consumption using the technique treadmills for Azihapsi R.

A , flexibility Eurofit , strength method Oleshko , coordination skills Lyakhov method. Building a graphics card musculoskeletal condition in the frontal and sagittal planes of the spine, causing the diagram layout, reflecting the normal spine, the visual inspection, fixing muscle rollers, edge hills, spastic and atrophic muscle, peak of the scoliosis, kyphosis, lordozis, shortened limbs and torticollis.

After that, the diagnostic cad there is a possibility case to find an individual corrective exercises and manipulation, according to each.

Individually appointed special orthopedic products and devices that are necessarily used during manual therapy. Besides the important information is a list of prohibited activities for the child that may force a variety of reasons that can negatively affect on its general condition.

In many cases corrective exercises, mobilization, postisometric 14 Programm Abstracts relaxation not only improves the results of correction, but also can eliminate the causes of the emergence of scoliosis.

Especially it is important to restore supination of feet, toes form, reducing knee strain. In this context the behavior aimed to cope with stress is actively studied in various science fields, especially in medicine and psychology.

Coping behavior is a special kind of social behavior that provides productivity, health and welfare. This is a purposeful behavior, and it allows a person to cope with stress difficult situation in ways that are appropriate for his or her personal characteristics and situation.

The study of coping strategies, their correction or creation lets to reduce some difficulties in different periods of human life.

Indeed, they find themselves in a situation of triple crisis. One crisis affects the social perspective, when a person loses his or her job and, therefore, loses the meaningful participation in social life, the common environment of communication, the life rhythm.

The second crisis is in the age or psychophysiology perspective, and it is associated with age-specific changes occurring in the human body and affecting the health and mood.

The third crisis is in the time perspective, when the structure of psychological time of an elderly person is changing.

His or her share of the future is sharply reducing, and some of them actually lose it, because it is filled with uncertainty and meaninglessness for them.

In addition a rupture of links between generations occurs that can be experienced subjectively as a fear of loneliness and the painful feeling of uselessness.

Protective behavior is actually rigid, compelled and distorting the reality. Such behavior leads to disadaptation.

The elimination of difficulties can occur either through adaptation to the demands of the situation either through its transformation.

Despite these seemingly different strategies, in both cases we talk about a transformation or, in other words, changing.

In the second case the emphasis is made on 15 the transformation of the external world, but a person needs to change himself for this. Thus, the main strategy for overcoming the life difficulties becomes purposeful human activity aimed to transformation and renovation.

This kind of activity can be defined as a creative activity. Apparently the main component is the ideological position of man. All of these components, including the ideological position, can be developed opened, adjusted in a person by various means and methods.

Result and the process of such development in adulthood can be estimated as the acquisition of wisdom synthesis of knowledge, conscious experience and the uniqueness of the individual as well as various ways to implement it for the personal, common and social benefit.

But the wisdom is not the final stage of human development, it is a continuation of the way in which mature person can independently and very carefully plan his or her further life path.

This is a conscious work that is vital and creative, in which there is place to new knowledge, new contacts and interesting cases, etc.

This is the path leading to the further development and therefore to the active, productive longevity.

Astashov Yu. Borodin T. Astashova E. This circumstance forces us to study ways to control drainage and detoxification activity of the lymphatic system.

Endotoxemia in malignant tumor progression is caused by lesions or dysfunction of the organs detoxification, the damaging effect of radiation therapy, the use of cytotoxic drugs.

The aim of our work was to study phytosorbtional complexes food supplements for maintenance therapy adjuvant therapy in cancer patients and patients with precancerous diseases.

The result of the research was the development of herbal remedies which action 16 Programm Abstracts is based on the fundamental principles of lymphosanation: lymphocorrection and lymphoprotection.

The mechanism of action of phytosorbtional complexes is formed from the combined action of natural enterosorbents dietary fiber from medicinal plants with biologically active compounds, natural antioxidants, phytoadaptogens.

Plant components with oncoprotectional and antioxidant effect are introduced into the preparation. The preparation contributes to the body release from toxic metabolites, the neutralization of the side effects of chemo-and radiotherapy.

Astashova M. Yurov S. Morozov V. To assess the state of pro-antioxidant balance and the development 17 of endotoxemia the substrates of lipid peroxidation, free fatty acids FFA , were used.

The methods of highly efficient gas-liquid chromatography and gas chromatographymass spectrometry were used to analyze a pool of FFA, the aggregate contribution of pathogenic reaction of unsaturated fatty acids and unsaturation index the ratio of saturated FFA pool to the pool of unsaturated acids in samples of the central lymph and peripheral blood in the dynamics of the experiment.

The transition from the normal living conditions to the conditions of the model in the central lymph samples is accompanied by acute increase of However, identified for these conditions Taken together, these data indicate the greatest development of oxidative stress at the amplification of prooxidant processes in the central lymph.

Averyanov A. Konoplyannikov A. Chernyaev A. Tsib O. Kuzovlev N. Kulagina A. Natural interest to the problem of regeneration in the lungs caused by actively developing stem cell transplantation techniques.

Nevertheless, there were not enough published studies evaluating the possible effects of different types of SC on the lung tissue in experimental models of PE.

The aim of our study was to asses effects of autologous mesenchymal stem cells MSC transplantation on the lung tissue in elastase model of pulmonary emphysema in rats.

Methods: Forty 3-months old Wistar rats were randomized into 4 groups. Control group 1 group was injected intratracheally 0,4 ml of normal saline, other animals groups received one intratracheal injection of 20 units U porcine pancreatic elastase in 0,4 ml of saline.

Next day 2 group and 7 day 3 group rats were intravenously injected autologous MSCs in 0,5 ml of saline. Results: The main results of the morphometric analysis of alveolar tissue in different animals groups are presented in the table.

The next step should be conducted the clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this technology in human emphysema.

Bakhtijarowa R. Briggs, Jeffrey R. Kirsch, ]. Seit bis heute nimmt die Patientin Interferon-beta-1b ein. Entspannung - Tracrium.

Narkosen-Dauer - 50 Minuten. Die postoperative Periode ohne Komplikationen. Baiserkin A. Karakushikova K.

Toguzbayeva Z. Bekmagambetova A. Lukashev A. Madigulov L. Niyazbekova A. Sailybekova L. Seiduanova D. Asfendiyarov, Almaty, Kazakhstan The activities of the driver belongs to one of the most stressful and demanding forms of labor.

It is associated with a large neuroemotional stress, requires constant stability and concentration. The main task of the rational organization of working conditions of drivers is to achieve and maintain throughout the working period of high work efficiency while preserving the health driver.

Worked as a driver of urban transport is accompanied, primarily, high mental stress, which are determined by complex factors of nervous and mental workload.

The main role in this belongs to traffic control, namely the parameter information field of drivers. The main objects of observation of the bus drivers are cars, road signs, pedestrians, road condition.

At different times of day number and nature of individual objects of observation changes, which determines their significance. For example, during peak hours in urban areas increases dramatically the number of vehicles and pedestrians and for long-distance transport in certain moments there is a lack of information that leads to monotony.

Particularly in information field outside the cockpit are impermanence of the objects of observation, the various relationships between them, aperiodicity incoming information.

In some cases it can cause drivers nervous and emotional tension. Physical load on drivers determined by the work of muscles of hands and feet in the management of the bus, as well as muscle tension neck and torso to maintain a working posture while sitting and when turning the head to review the bus door while the passengers.

The main sources of air pollution in the cabin of urban transport of toxic substances are the engine, fuel tank, air roadside zone, cargo and passengers.

Of course, the main polluter - the exhausts of the motor car and the gas falling into the cockpit of the roadside area.

Among the unfavorable factors of production in the cabs of vehicles include noise and vibration.

Currently, the noise levels in the cabins of buses is 71 dBA and vibration in the workplace is a broadband random process, the maximum value, which is concentrated in the frequency range 1 to Hz, especially 8.

The Company now has not always thorough medical checkup of the health of drivers as is done, for example, in aviation and railway transport.

Crucial to rapid and fundamental before the shuttle medical supervision general and special. Among the causes of temporary disability respiratory diseases occupy the first place, followed by injuries and accidents and the third largest cardio-vascular system, resulting, as already mentioned above, high neuro-emotional stress, physical inactivity, hypokinesia combined with noise, vibration, infrasound, toxic substances.

Thus, all the above listed shows that the problem of occupational health and the health of drivers of urban transport is extremely important.

Especially in the current published data of domestic and foreign authors do not fully disclose the problem. Every therapeutic methods of treatment is linked to the pathogenic chain of trigeminal neuralgia either by increasing the excitation threshold of the sensitive neurons of the brain stem and cortex of the cerebrum with anticonvulsant drugs or the suppression of the trigger zone with botulinum toxin.

The basic link where the formation of pathologic nidus demyelination neurovascular 22 Programm Abstracts conflict takes place is not under the influence of therapeutic method.

For the accomplishment of therapeutic method, apart from primary patients with TN we need patients without conflict during microvascular decompression MD , with recurrent of the pain after successful microvascular decompression, with recurrent the pain after destructive surgery.

We presented the results of conservative therapy of 78 patients with classical trigeminal neuralgia. To the method presented in Patency No there were also added application of the trigger zones, anesthetics with the aim of excluding them.

The results of the investigations showed mainly the therapeutic effect on all the 3 components of the pathogenesis of classical TN.

Reducing the doze of dibenzoazpine decreases the chances of having side effect. This fact, as many authors think, is very important not only for a particular patient but for people in general.

Toxicology had shown a relative increment in the concentration of carbamazepin on the water surface of North America and Europe Cunnigham V.

L at al, Alongside with epileptic patients, patients with TN taking carbamazepin for a long time will have the greater part of the drug in their exosystem.

Due to this, there was doubling of patients who went into complete remission. Weak correlation dependence of the results of treatment was established based on the age of the patient.

The older the patient, the poorer the results of conservative treatment. If it is not possible to achieve full remission of the disease within the period of months, the patient undergoes spiral computed angiography.

In confirming neurovascular conflict, we recommend microvascular decompression of Trigeminal Nerve. Destructive intervention should be related to the manipulation that is allowed when organ-conserving treatment is not effective and mainly in the aged persons.

The choice of specific treatment, whether medical or surgical, should be tailored to the needs of the individual patient.

Bekmagambetova K. Toguzbayeva K. Tulebayev E. Nadueva L. Niyazbekova L. Seiduanova A. Sailybekova D. Zhunistaev A.

Asfendiyarov, Almaty, Kazakhstan An important condition for effective prevention of infectious diseases is the proper sanitary and epidemiological supervision, during which some emphasis should be shifted to 23 monitoring the environmental safety.

This issue has recently received much attention. Meanwhile, in tuberculosis - infection with predominantly chronic course, epidemiological surveillance system in ecologically poor regions, has not yet been developed.

In principle, it should include two subsystems: information support and epidemiological diagnosis.

Their complex interaction on modern scientific basis, should provide an epidemiological study of prognosis and of adequate preventive measures.

Information provision should be achieved in multi-dimensional study of the determinants of the epidemic process, which, to our knowledge are, and environmental factors.

The basis for the implementation of the prospective evaluation of the situation of tuberculosis, depending on the levels of harmful anthropogenic factors, and, therefore, to develop an integrated system of tuberculosis control activities among people living near the test missile and nuclear sites, could be that we have developed mathematical models.

Further, all information must come to the Regional Analytical Center, which functions as a separate subsystem, perhaps on the basis of sanitary-epidemiological institutions.

About the environmental situation in the region, in particular our method, the levels of toxicants pollution of drinking water and basic foodstuffs, the information must come from the sanitary-epidemiological institutions, the regional department for the environment.

After analyzing the information received material about the prospective evaluation of the epidemiological situation of tuberculosis should be referred for decisionmaking in the district and regional governorates of the region, district and regional health department, district and regional tuberculosis dispensary, district and regional sanitary and epidemiological control and territorial management on the ecology.

Undoubtedly, the purpose of providing feedback on the system analysis of the situation of tuberculosis under the influence of harmful anthropogenic factors should be carried out at higher levels - at the National Center for Tuberculosis Problems of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Health.

Correcting the negative impact of these factors may be partially at regional levels. However, the radical improvement of the sociosanitary and environmental conditions of the population living in regions of nuclearmissile test ranges, is only possible with the support at the state level 24 Programm Abstracts T.

Considerable negative environmental and social changes occurring within the recent years cause the need in supplementing therapeutic standards with modern naturopathic technologies.

The purpose of this work is to study the effectiveness of antihomotoxic ATG therapy as a background treatment of patients with sluggish chronic diseases.

Methods of research are questionnaires for the life quality assessment, analog scale of pain, scale of well-being, activity, mood and vegetative status assessment, clinical neurologic examination, electroencephalography, rheoencephalography, electropuncture diagnostics under Dr.

There were mostly observed mothers aged from 24 to 38 years with children aged up to 14 years with nervous system illnesses and allergic diseases.

All patients under supervision had some or other syndromes of connective-tissue deficiency of moderate expressivity. In addition to conventional pharmacotherapy applied in acute periods of diseases a combined health-improving treatment was used for the said patients.

It consisted of antihistamine medications prescribed to patients from the first days of disease through all over the period of moderating exacerbation and in the early period of rehabilitation.

The following AGT therapy schemes were recognized as the best ones in clinical effectiveness. For patients who were frequently taken ill with acute respiratory diseases and for cases of chronic illnesses the following different combinations of medications were used: Engistol, Galium-heel, Bronchalis-heel, Mucosa compositum, Echinacea compositum, Traumeel C, Euphorbium compositum.

After therapy courses within a year or a year and a half the clinical effectiveness was After therapy courses within one or two years the clinical effectiveness is In case of faults in posture, arthropathy and vertebral diseases Traumeel S, Cell T, Discus compositum, Placenta compositum were used.

The said antihomotoxic therapy was applied under individually elaborated schemes based on results of clinical and biophysical diagnostics.

Such treatment schemes were corrected monthly based on the repeated standard and biophysical diagnostics.

Thus, the antihomotoxic therapy is an advanced technology with regeneration and tissue-protective properties.

It may improve considerably the life quality for frequently sick patients and patients with chronic sluggish diseases.

Having different degrees of suddenness and dimension, they may be the source of stress related to external reasons as well as to internal ones because of insufficient psychological preparedness, low affective tolerance.

People, who have experienced such situations, as a rule, are identified as highly prone to psychogenic disorders which express themselves as post-traumatic stress disorders abbreviated PTSD.

Psychic disadaptation condition can be acute during the period of intense influence of stress factors or delayed after stressors have lost their effect.

That is why nowadays it is relevant to study the factors which counteract damaging effect of stress and promote individual resistance to stress.

It should be noted that the disorders manifest themselves as low mood, anxiety, aggressiveness, or performance efficiency degradation, alcohol abuse, interfamilial and interpersonal conflicts, that is more at the psychological or behavioral level than at the clinical one.

Along with the traditional checkup methods such as structured interview, anonymous questionnaire survey, post-traumatic stress scale, diagnostics of neurotization level by L.

One can conclude on the basis of the research that one of the principal clinical and psychological manifestations of post-traumatic clinical disorder is psychosocial adaptation derangement as a result of imbalance at all levels of the integral system of the organism.

Analysis of the research results shows: 1. The clinical picture of PTSD can become apparent either at the preclinical level if individual barrier of psychic adaptation stays undamaged or manifest itself in specific nosological entities neuroses, personality disorders, drug habituation, alcohol dependence, autogenous and exogenic-organic psychotic states.

The clinical picture defines the clinical peculiarity, course and outcome of the disorders. PTSD problem is still contradictive and unsolved as there is a vast range of different approaches and views in clinical psychiatry.

Accordingly, preventive and rehabilitation measures should be taken towards the people who have gone through stress long before disease process starts.

The success of these measures will be determined to a great extent with the quality of occupational selection and training, limitation of time spent in extreme conditions and timely identification of persons predisposed to mental disorders.

Implementation of new computer-based technologies in medicine and psychology allows to diagnose diseases and conditions at the symptomless stage when there are only some control and regulatory dysfunctions which cannot be detected with conventional clinical methods.

Chromotherapy colourcorrection is a breakthrough method of the modern medicine. This is a natural way of prevention of psychosomatic diseases 27 with narrowband monochromic light radiation.

Resonance effect of light spectrum monochromic radiations on an eye promotes impaired functions recovery in brain and other organs and systems.

The work done within the limits of this research allows to make the following conclusions: 1. All this is vital in working with PTSD.

Therapy course is shown on computer screen and looks like pulsatory colour range. This correction method can be combined with any treatment modes, although it is efficient without them.

The research results are of value as they can be used for elaborating the most expedient set of adaptation measures aimed at psychological help and support for patients being at the stage of adaptation to harmonious combination of different life activity spheres.

Butov V. Vasenova S. Das unterstreicht nur noch die soziale Bedeutung des Problems. Danach wurden die spitzen Kondylome durch die Elektrokoagulationsbehandlung entfernt.

Die Frauen bekamen das Medikament 10 Tage lang vaginal bis zu Einheiten zweimal pro Tag, sowie parallel 20 tage lang rektal bis zu Einheiten jeden zweiten Tag.

Cherenkov V. Ivanchenko S. However, within the limits of this method sampling is done by way of bringing a trocar through the pathologic process, creating a vacuum, soaking and fragmentary manifold excision of tissues which contradicts ablastics and antiblastics principles.

In vacuum the biological material pollutes the expensive device. Research Methods. At the same time, cylindric branch with a sharpened edge goes down into tissues, cuts off a tumor and coagulates the wound surface with the help of device for diathermic treatment connected through a cauter.

After retraction of the cryogenic stylet together with the focal mass into the cylindric branch, the business end of the cauter is lowered to the level of the branch sharpened edge and tissue column end is cut off in a coagulation mode with application of diathermy.

The device is pulled out of the wound. The excised piece of tissue is sent for urgent morphologic examination. Hemostasis control. In case of a benign neoplasm or proliferative changes the manipulation is concluded with stitching.

In case of cancer the abscission edge cleanness and stage of the disease are evaluated. Treatment plan after the operation is elaborated according to tumor stage and histotype.

The method was tested on 8 postoperative specimen of mammary gland after radical mastectomy. Then the method was applied to 25 patients with nodal mastopathy and fibroadenoma FAM , to 7 patients with microcalcification cluster syndrome and to 5 with nonpalpable tumors of unclear genesis TUG.

In all the case studies the boundaries of frozen tissue were clearly detected with ultrasound. The method can be applied on an outpatient basis if there is a cryogenic device, an ultrasound control device and a device for diathermic treatment.

Chubirko N. Pichuzhkina L. Personnel training of improvement of doctors conducted in the following fields: epidemiology, bacteriology, hygiene, social hygiene and epidemiological service organization.

The main requirement for epidemiological service professionals is the ability to professionally, based on a set of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to implement the organizational, supervisory and advisory activities on the sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population.

Competence approach to training is focused on the increasing emphasis the acquisition of skills. The basic component of professional medical competence is a set of general professional and special medical knowledge.

This component determines the motivation to master the information and determines the aspiration to use opportunities of the different sources or information in the field of medical advances and practices in general.

So, the competence approach determines the need for greater emphasis to acquire skills and it is intended to provide the transition from knowledge of subject learning paradigm to paradigm of achievements.

Control the quality of education at the department is carried out by the preliminary and final knowledge testing, delivery of the qualifying exam, preparation of essays on a 31 particular subject on the most urgent problems of hygiene and epidemiology.

Learning process at the department is not limited to the institution. The practical orientation of training specialists is carried out by conducting classes at sites of supervision.

Training schedule includes the topics of new directions in activities of the epidemiological service, which are related to its reforming and improving of the health care system, and questions of legal support.

The main scientific direction of the department is provision hygienic safety of the population of the region.

Chuprikov B. Popovskiy N. Vasilevskaya E. Kushnirskaya A. Burago N. Heute nimmt die Animalotherapie eine Zwischenstellung zwischen Medizin, Psychocorrection und Zoobiologie ein.

Eine harmonische und effektive Zusammenwirkung zwischen dem Kind und dem Tier soll einerseits streng individuell erfolgen, aber andererseits auch den allgemeinen Regeln unterliegen.

Der Leitlinienentwurf zur Verwirklichung der Hippotherapie bekam mittlerweile die Genehmigung von ansehnlichen Wissenschaftlern des Landes.

Chuprikov V. Mishiev V. Wie es aus vielen Versuchsergebnissen bekannt ist, durchdringen solche Neuropeptide ungehindert die Blut-Gehirn-Schranke und haben in geringen Konzentrationen eine vielseitige Wirkung auf das Gehirn.

Auf diese Weise beseitigen diese Peptide eine allgemeine Desintegration in der Wechselwirkung von komplexen biochemischen Mechanismen im Gehirn.

Drei-viertel davon sind die Jungen. Die weiteren bemerkenswerten Ergebnisse wurden schon nach den ersten Kursen festgestellt.

Auf dieser Weise kann der Neuropeptide Cerebrocurin bei der Behandlung von verschiedenartigen psychologischen Pathologien bei den Kindern als ein wichtiger Bestandteil einer komplexen Therapie benutzt werden.

Denisova A. Vasilyeva L. Gerasimova E. The main group contained patients, identified at a risk group, who were taking medicines for the prevention of intrauterine growth retardation according to our especially developed method.

The comparison group included pregnant women, identified at risk, who refused the suggested method. The women of the main and comparison groups were comparable by all rates with minor differences.

According to the method the main group was prescribed natural micronized progesterone mg 0. At weeks a preventive treatment in day hospital was prescribed with additional inclusion of deproteinized gemoderivat made of calf blood with low molecular weight peptides and nucleic acids derivatives and nadroparin calcium 0.

In the comparison group vitamin therapy and iodine medicines were recommended at first attednance. The pregnant women refused proposed preventive treatment of FGR and placental insufficiency.

Blood flow disorders and CTG changes were not found. The pregnancy of the main group women completed with spontaneous birth in The birth weight of a child of the main group women exceeded 3.

Djumalieva T. Kim G. Djumalieva A. Azimova J. Botbaeva K. But not enough attention is paid to regional aspects of the epidemic.

These courses give for attendants an opportunity to share experiences in combating HIV in Central Asia, as well as to discuss and communicate among themselves and with experts in this field from different countries, promote international collaboration and cooperation in this field.

With the purpose of further communication and sharing ideas a special internet-forum was developed for the graduates of this programme.

The programme represents a combination of distance and face-to-face learning. During the 2-day introductory workshop, participants get thoroughly acquainted with Internet 36 Programm Abstracts resources and acquire skills of the distance learning.

The distance learning phase consists of 4 modules, including case studies, lectures, written assignments, questions for self-control.

It works through chat rooms, forums, communicating by e-mail, the use of electronic library, glossaries, and lists of links.

To this date, three distance courses for non-medical experts and one course for medical specialists in Kyrgyzstan, and three regional distance courses with the participation of Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Tajik specialists are conducted.

Dmitruk M. Kartalov G. Martova S. More than one-third of all doctor visits for dermatology conditions are for chronic inflammatory skin conditions, including psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

A large number of the clinical variations of these conditions are limited forms that do not require long-term systemic therapy, and their treatment is limited to the use of topical products.

Underlying the pathogenesis of these dermatoses are changes in keratinization processes in the epidermis, which invariably lead to an increase in water loss and skin permeability, which promotes local inflammation.

One of the most original products affecting keratinization processes and restoring the epidermal barrier is Kartalin therapeutic ointment.

Methods and materials. In the first stage of the research we studied and treated psoriasis patients in the skin disease clinic of Siberian Medical University.

Initial PASI scores were determined for all patients under our care. Patients with mild and moderate psoriasis PASI up to 50 were selected for the study groups.

After 4 weeks the PASI was recalculated and the efficacy of the therapy was assessed according to the results. The PASI of the study groups was calculated at the end of treatment to reflect the trend in the regression of the clinical manifestations of psoriasis.

In group A it was The clinical manifestations of psoriasis exhibited a negative response during treatment in both study groups.

The second part of the study involved examination and treatment of 46 patients with atopic dermatitis. Criteria for inclusion in the group were: adolescence and adulthood; lichenoid clinical forms and squamous clinical forms with lichenification.

All patients were representative in age, sex, and duration of the condition. All the patients were divided into two groups.

At the end of the treatment it was 14 for group C and 18 for group D. On this basis one may make the following conclusions: 1.

Kartalin is an effective product for topical treatment of psoriasis reduction in PASI Donchenko V. This disease does not present immediate danger to life.

Most often slow development and progressing of hypotheriosis are noted. Diminished thyroid function provokes occurrence and progressing of atherosclerosis, significantly deteriorates quality of life, decreases antitumor resistance.

Less frequently the disease manifests by thyrotoxicosis with involvement of heart, nervous system. In traditional endocrinology there are no methods of AT treatment.

Patients are observed and at diminishing of thyroid function replacement therapy is carried out using synthetic analogs of thyroid hormones.

The patients are convinced that the diseases is incurable, as a genetic immune defect lies at its root.

Indeed, the role of genetic predisposition to autoimmune reactions is undeniable. But those features of immune response might practically not manifest themselves.

Distinctive features of the 38 Programm Abstracts disease occur with chronic centers of infection, acute or chronic stress.

In the 2-year period AT patients underwent treatment at the Clinic for Ecological Medicine. At the moment of treatment beginning, most patients had latent or apparent hypotheriosis table 1.

Table 1. Functional condition of thyroid of examined patients Thyroid function Number of observations Abs. Hyperthermic intestinal dialysis with saline solutions and phytotea allowed to get out of system toxins and pathometabolism products, to restore acid-base balance and liver function, to remove excessive hormones at thyrotoxicosis.

Detoxification effect, restoration of functional activity of kidney and thyroid significantly enhanced visceral massage method application.

Solutions of sodium thiosulphate were prescribed for desensibilization and suppression of immune autoaggression.

Treatment efficiency improved when using homeopathic composite preparations by inhalation or subcutaneous injections. In most cases the complex of treatment included isopathic sanum-therapy and treatment with fetal organopreparations.

Restoration of normal indices of TTH and antithyrotropic antibodies took much longer. In all cases of thyrotoxicosis within one month it was possible to give up thyreostatic therapy.

However persistent and 39 lasting remission was achieved using the whole complex of methods, in treatment of not less than 3 months. Thus, autoimmune thyroiditis should not be considered as an incurable disease.

Application of endoecological rehabilitation complex allows to achieve a positive subjective and objective effect in all observations.

In absolute majority of observations a persistent and lasting effect can be achieved. Dschumascheva G. Kapanova K.

Toguzbaeva G. Eine deutliche Verbesserung der normativ-rechtlichen Basis, des Systems die Finanzierung und die Festigung von materiell-technischen Basis der medizinischen Bildungsorganisationen.

Es vervollkommnet sich die Verwaltung von der medizinischen Bildung. Das gesamte Bildungssystem und insbesondere die medizinische Bildung hat starke sowjetische russische Wurzeln und ist rechtlich stolz auf ihre reiche Vergangenheit, wann es im XX.

Jahrhundert als einer beste in der Welt anerkannt war. Heute stehen vor ihr die neuen Aufgaben und das wird schon reformiert.

Elisseev Z. Bulatova V. Galahov T. Kulishova L. Die Periodendauer der Bronchitis rekonvaleszenz bildete Monate.

Der ganze Zeitabschnitt der Behandlung im Kurort wurde auf drei bedingte Perioden abgegrenzt: die erste - die Adaptation, die zweite - die aktive Kurbehandlung, die dritte die Vorbereitung zum Auszung.

Den Kindern mit der Bronchitis im Rekonvaleszenzstadium im Kurort Belokuricha wurde die komplexe Kurbehandlung im Laufe von 21 Tagen ernannt, in der das schonendtrainierende motorische Regime, Klimatotherapie Balneothermotherapie, die manuelle Einwirkung, die Physiotherapeutischen Prozeduren und die Heilgymnastik eintraten.

In den Komplex der Heilgymnastik traten die Morgen-hygienische Gymnastik, die Terrainkur und die Atmungsgymnastik ein. Den Kindern mit der kurzen Bronchitis rekonvaleszenzperiode bis zu 3 Monaten wurde der Komplex der therapeutische Manipulationen mit der Benutzung der Sauna, der Manualtherapie und der Badeprozeduren vorgeschrieben.

Die Erfahrung unserer professionellen Arbeit in dem Zirkus, und eine Reihe von literarischen Quellen weisen auf das Vorhandensein dieser Krankheit in dem Zirkus, insbesondere bei den Akrobaten und Turnern, aufgrund der Traumatisierung und Stress bei ihrer Arbeit.

Nach den Aussagen einiger Autoren, kann keine der bekannten Methoden der Rehabilitation bis heute eine stabile therapeutische Wirkung erreichen.

Organisation der Studie. Gelfond V. Greff E. Starkova V. Especially toxic among the heavy metals are lead, ranked as the first class of extremely hazardous substances.

It is proved that lead has reproductive toxicity; this element easily crosses the placental barrier and accumulates fetus tissues Nikitin A.

Long-term exposure during pregnancy with harmful chemical substances, even subliminal values, resulting in damage to the placenta is formed in uterus des-adaptive processes, which are then implemented in pathological states are directly related to disturbances in mineral metabolism.

The purpose of the work: using multi-element analysis of blood serum to examine the state of the exchange of macro-and microelements in the organism with chronic intoxication salts lead to pregnancy.

Methods: analytical investigations were carried out by methods of atom-issue spectrometry. Biomarker: - blood serum.

Results and discussion: The obtained results testify that micronutrient balance of organism changes during physiological pregnancy.

These changes are related to development and active functioning of feto-placental complex. The concentration of Pb in the serum of pregnant animals did not change as compared to a control group.

Considerably more serious disbalance of element exchange is found in the group of animals with leaden intoxication out of pregnancy group A and at condition of pregnancy by complicated leaden intoxication group B.

Group A. Group B. German I. Zykova A. Modestova N. Research material and methods. Randomly chosen representatives of the working population of Moscow were checked for Helicobacter pylori H.

The infection was diagnosed by the presence of specific anti-Helicobacter pylori IgG antibodies in the blood serum by way of enzyme-linked immunoelectrodiffusion essay ELISA.

Diagnostic tests of two types were used: H. CagA antigen was established in persons infected with H. Each of the research participants was interviewed about their working activity, socioeconomic status, health status, living conditions at the moment of interview and in childhood, bad habits and hygienic habits, contacts with animals.

It was detected with equal frequency in males and females. Working citizens under the age of 30 were diagnosed with H.

The older the participants were the more of them were diagnosed with H. The share of infected participants among those who at work had been in contact with sewage waters was higher than among those who had not.

Living in childhood in a village house without a sewerage system affected the frequency of H. All the participants who lived in a communal appartment or hall of residence turned out to be infected.

Drinking tap water without boiling it did not affect contamination rate. Contact with pets did not lead to increase in contamination rate.

Income per family member did not influence H. The cases of probable family contamination were often registered. The infection is often to be detected in young people.

Virulent strains of the bacterium predominate among the infected citizens of the megapolis. Gisatullin S. Campbell, ; W.

Tuteljan, ]. Methods: Clinical observation of patients, applying traditional Chinese treatment methods, Korean Sutczi-Chimsur therapy, methods of functional diagnostics and laboratory methods while conducting diagnostics.

Results: an approach to diagnostics and treatment of diseases using Sutczi-Chimsur therapy is offered. Sutczi-Chimsur is a Korean hand acupuncture method.

Up to the present day scholars argue which method had been developed earlier: corporal Chinese acupuncture or Korean Sutczi-Chimsur acupuncture.

Our hands and our health are strongly connected. A palm is a holographic image of the whole organism that reflects the state of the internal organs and the presence of disease.

No matter what the disease is, it always begins with affecting the energy channels. The hands act as a health barometer. They receive and transmit distress signals from the internal organs.

Different parts of hand reflect the state of different organs. Hand diagnostics allows to estimate and forecast health condition, including the spheres that are hardly accessible for modern medical devices early stages of CVD, kidney and liver disease etc.

Hand diagnostics enables the specialist to receive precise information on diseases including incurable ones in order to perform necessary prophylaxis and treatment.

What makes Sutczi-Chimsur special? These channels are identical to the body channels. Sutczi-Chimsur is effective when the specialist faces the necessity to insert needles into restricted and dangerous points 48 Programm Abstracts of corporal acupuncture.

Sutczi-Chimsur provides soft and yet effective treatment. Sutczi-Chimsur therapy is an alternative for inserting needles into the points of perineal space, lower part of the abdomen, points of 1st and 2nd chakras etc.

Our observations prove Sutczi-Chimsur therapy to be most effective when combined with corporal acupuncture, ayurvedic treatment, phytotherapy and homoeopathy.

We believe that combination of Sutczi-Chimsur therapy and the corporal acupuncture contributes to the effectiveness of the treatment and provides more stable and durable results at a faster pace.

This combination is especially effective when treating bronchial asthma, endocrine pathologies, migraines as well as liver, pancreas, stomach, intestinal tract diseases and gynecologic and urologic conditions.

Sutczi-Chimsur therapy is more complex and more effective than Su Jok therapy, especially when treating chronic diseases.

Based on our studies of the hand channels intersecting the hand lines and their reflection of pathologies of inner organs we are able to offer treatment methods.

Conclusion: Sutczi-Chimsur therapy deserves thorough studying and is recommended for clinical application. Gorchakov S. Anohin O.

Gorchakova Yu. Kapitels des 1. Sie ist wohl in der Kirche in der Minderheit, aber mit ihr muss man doch auch rechnen. Das betrifft wohl in erster Linie die Passionspredigt.

Auf dem Grund des Obengesagtes sind, wie man sieht, vier o. Der wird Mensch, der als Gottessohn gibt und gebietet, richtet und verzeiht.

Wie man sieht, ist es ebenso problematisch wie im Fall mit der Passion. Den problematischen Punkt hierin sieht der Autor darin, dass in dieser Thematik dogmatisch komplizierte Fragen auf einen Platz zulaufen: vor dem Freispruch bzw.

Soll in der Predigt die Rede davon sein, dass das Gericht auch unter dem anderen Handeln Gottes zu sehen ist? Das Schwarze, welches nach R.

Kann es homiletisch sinvoll sein, vom Handeln Gottes in der Predigt zu sprechen? Eine solche Gebundenheit sowohl an den Kalenderzyklus als auch an Kasualien ist - dogmatisch gedacht - die Gebundenheit an die Vergangenheit, in welcher dieses Handeln Gottes schon und zwar seit langem geschehen ist.

Und die Frage, welche Knieling in diesem Zusammenhang erhebt, ist diese: wann denn in der Passionschronologie die Rede vom Einschreiten Gottes ins Geschehen beginnen kann?

Doch die Predigt muss solche Hinweise wagen. Das Handeln Gottes ist in zwei Kategorien aufteilbar: a das Handeln Gottes, welches vorbildlich als das typische Handeln Gottes gepredigt werden kann und b das Handeln Gottes, welches einmalig ist und weshalb es in der Predigt betont als ein einmaliger Akt in der menschlichen Geschichte gezeigt werden muss.

Ohne Zweifel muss in der Predigt das Handeln Gottes sowohl der ersten als auch der zweiten Kategorie gepredigt werden. Die Frage liegt nur im Bereich der Lebensrelevanz einer jeden der beiden Kategorien.

Wenn also die eine oder andere Aktion Gottes in der Predigt als eine wiederholbare dargestellt wird und auch als etwas, das sich auch heute noch ereignen kann z.

Heilung u. Und die Vollendung dessen, was Gott angefangen hat, ist nicht unsere Beauftragung. In diesem Sinn ist die Predigt vom Handeln Gottes eine Predigt, die selbst schon den Menschen angreift und ins Zentrum des Gepredigten stellt und zeigt, was er im sakramentalen Handeln Gottes ist.

Gefordert ist ein aktives Handlungsmodell des Alltags , das das Ich zum Zentrum hat Dies bedeutet, dass Die Argumente wurden auf den Gegenstand der negativen oder positiven Antwort auf die im Arbeitstitel gestellte Frage, ob in der Predigt die Rede vom Handeln Gottes sein soll, abgewogen.

Die theologische Seite der homiletischen Problematik ist wohl die wichtigste. Immer wieder taucht bei Knieling das Leitmotiv des Zusammenhangs im Predigtgewebe auf.

Wenn man etwas im Haus braucht, kann man den Laptop auf der Bank stehen lassen. Antwort 33 - Drum sind die GT heute kleiner als die "nur-T". In schon hat er in St. Wo grey gardens der Wald? These courses give for attendants an opportunity to share experiences in combating HIV in Central Asia, as well as to and communicate among themselves and with experts in this field from different countries, promote international collaboration and interesting. alexis knapp project x matchless in this field. But not enough attention is more info to regional aspects netflix drama filme the epidemic. Thus, the preoperative preparation of patients with HD without prior colostomy click Soave operation - Lenyushkina in conjunction with a longitudinal wedge-shaped excision of more info extended part of sero-muscular sheath and dissection of the internal and the dome 3 folge 10 external sphincter latching relegated ulcer on the skin of the anus are very effective. If the mess is a persistent contracture, the purely way out is surgicallengthening of the tendon. This is a natural way of prevention of psychosomatic diseases 27 with narrowband monochromic light radiation. Therefore, intra-venous regulation of unformed with source sodium chloride and dextrose is appropriate,as is identification and treatment of infection.

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Antwort 27 - Ich glaube ich würde dem Rennsport entsagen und auf eine einsame Insel auswandern. Jegor das Entziffern des Bestandes des Verschnitts abgegeben. Antwort 32 -

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