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Jason Statham ist ein britischer Schauspieler und ehemaliger Wasserspringer. Jason Statham [ˈsteɪθəm] (* Juli in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England) ist ein britischer Schauspieler und ehemaliger Wasserspringer. Jason Statham ist ein britisch Schauspieler, Produzent. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner 21 Karriere-Jahre und alle News. In dieser Übersicht finden Sie alle Netflix-Filme und Serien mit Jason Statham als Schauspieler. Wöchentlich wird das Netflix-Angebot um viele Filme und Serien. Jason-Statham-Film haben nicht viel Anspruch auf Anspruch – hier geht fast immer um einen knallharten Typen und knallharte Action. Und.

jason statham filmy

Frank Martin (Jason Statham) ist Kurierfahrer und auf illegale Ladungen spezialisiert. Er ist der Beste seines Fachs. Und als Profi hält er sich strikt an einen. Jason Statham ist ein britischer Schauspieler und ehemaliger Wasserspringer. jason statham frau.

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Gloria - Das Leben wartet nicht. Continue reading — Todsicher. Now Frank must kick kпїЅnig der lпїЅwen 3 ganzer film overdrive in a nonstop action-packed fight to save his precious cargo - and his life. Netflix-Neuigkeiten Einloggen. TV Highlights. Statham führt die meisten seiner Read article und Actionszenen selbst durch. Doch nun hat er es just click for source den Triaden, der russischen Mafia und korrupten Cops zu tun. AufregendUlkig. Actionfans dürfen sich auf spannende Szenen, vor allem aber auch die coolen Dialoge gesucht folge schwiegertochter 2019 ganze Cage und Connery freuen. Film selanjutnya memang sedikit jadul, keluaran tahun Skip to main content area. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Published: 29 Aug Pop promo director Atwell somehow manages to submerge here of the most personable action heroes imaginable into a murky, forgettable Visit web page crime drama that doesn't even have any action sequences worth describing. Namanya Ryan, yang dimainkan oleh Chris Evans. Demikianlah 20 daftar film Jason Statham yang terbaik dan terpopulerkan yang kami rekomendasikan, setidaknya sampai saat ini. He gets to play the villain of the piece and even has an see more slice of action, including a lawnmower race.

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Safe — Todsicher. Zu unseren Tipps! Juli [1] in Shirebrook , Derbyshire , England [2] ist ein britischer Schauspieler und ehemaliger Wasserspringer. BrutalAufregend. Wasp Network. Zu unseren Tipps! Verfügbarkeit von Einsame Entscheidung read article WerStreamt. Mit here Kampftalent müssen sich die Expendables gegen den Waffenhändler Conrad Read more verteidigen, der das Team um jeden Preis vernichten. Die 12 besten Marvel-Filme aller Zeiten. Auch in diesem düsteren Streifen über ein Autorennen um Leben und Tod, der in die Kinos kam, geht es knallhart zur Sache. jason statham filmy

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The Mechanic (2011) Buy now from Article source Snatch. Genre tersebut menjadi zona learn more here, yang bisa menstabilkan eksistensi, atau justeru membuat penontonnya mulai bosan. Now where in the read more in the third one? More info stuff. Which are you? The Fate of the Furious review - Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson ensure franchise still has va-va-vroom 3 out of 5 stars. Ellis passed away last year, as his work was always appreciated here at Den Of Geek. Keduanya memiliki misi untuk memburu Rogue, yang dimaikan oleh Jet Lee. Lock, Stock was the film that gave Statham his red sparrow online stream break, apparently after French Connection who he modelled for at the time invested in the picture and introduced him to Guy Ritchie.

And when we asked the man himself for his choice, here was his response:. Ad — content continues below. Those two films, Lock Stock and Snatch were just such a great thing for me.

And I also like The Bank Job. The Bank Job for me, was a great opportunity for me to do some good acting, you know? Other people might dispute that fact [laughs].

I once made the mistake of watching it as part of a beer and pizza night and after several imbibes had no clue what was going on.

Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! When the press screening took place back in November of , two writers were sent and both submitted reviews.

After all, while Stallone and Schwarzenegger had managed, with mixed success, to flirt between blood-soaked action and looking after children, their template seemed to become a necessary rite of passage for their muscular successors.

He gets to play the villain of the piece and even has an animated slice of action, including a lawnmower race.

But even more surreal than listening to Stath voice a garden gnome, is watching him talk to his little deer sidekick, voiced by Ozzy Osbourne.

Lots of Jet Lis. Note to self: not in the Double Impact tradition. The franchise, though, has always made for curious splits on opinions.

Me and Statham going at it and have a good fight scene? That was very frustrating. Now, this is a bitter pill to swallow.

Not long after I started writing for Geek , I wrote an article in which I attempted to release all the anger I felt towards one Paul W. Anderson, as a director, does warrant some praise, especially from a technical point of view and for managing to make a smaller budget go a long way.

I still hold that his weakness is in his writing and Death Race is another example of that. No more writing! However, as a standalone action film and ignoring any prejudice, I have to admit it was a lot of fun.

The film zips along nicely, but where it excels is in the car races themselves, which are impressively long and well put together, managing to be exciting and incredibly brutal, as all kinds of chaos is unleashed on the track.

Buy now from Amazon: Death Race. There are two kinds of people in this world. Which are you? Buy Now from Amazon: Transporter 2.

Oh yes. London appears to be the only film directed by Hunter Richards, and information about it seems a little thin on the ground.

It was released the year after stars Statham, Jessica Biel and Chris Evans appeared together in Cellular further down the list , so I assume the casting was no accident.

London feels more like a play than a film, with the majority of the minute runtime playing out in a bathroom at a house party.

Buy now from Amazon: London. Now, hold your horses. Before you start reading me the riot act about remakes, I should tell you that I agree, for the most part, that Hollywood really needs to stop with the incessant recycling of classic material.

More importantly, it needs to stop using the names of original films, when a slight tweak would have stopped us all from screaming on the internet.

The Italian Job suffered the exact same fate, with friends of mine still refusing to watch it on principal.

As with so many of Mr. Buy now from Amazon: The Italian Job. Their other two collaborations have made this list, but Wild Card chalked them up a trilogy and a strong one at that.

Buy now from Amazon: Wild Card. The film almost asked too much of its audience, as it pushed the limits of taste more than any other mainstream movie I can still think of, which left people either revelling or reviled.

Blood and gore fill the screen with the same kind of gusto which is normally reserved for hardcore horror films: organs and limbs are sliced and smashed with stomach turning vigour, while Chelios and his surrounding company of miscreants turn the air bright blue.

Now where in the hell in the third one? Not only did it set Statham up with a fantastically evil debut during the credits of part six, but also gave him a face-off against both The Rock and Vin Diesel.

Buy now from Amazon: Fast 7. Ah, Rick Ford. The most difficult aspect of including Spy on this list, was picking just one quote.

Spy , however, gave him the chance to play a full-on parody of his action persona, which works better than it really has any right to.

As a whole though, Spy proves that action comedies are always a surprising source of actual thrills when done well and the film as a whole, is as funny as it is exciting and would no doubt rank higher if this list belonged to Melissa McCarthy.

Buy now from Amazon: Spy. Lock, Stock was the film that gave Statham his big break, apparently after French Connection who he modelled for at the time invested in the picture and introduced him to Guy Ritchie.

Admittedly, this was partly to upset anyone who happened to revere the above films, but for the most part it was so I could watch them after all the hype had washed away and judge them on their own merits.

The film would place higher on this list if the rating was based on the quality of the film alone, but since Statham is one part of a much bigger cast, with less of a spotlight on him than in Snatch , it should probably slot in right here.

While Killer Elite may contain some nasty and bleak moments, Blitz has an ace up its sleeve in the form of its protagonist, Weiss, played with frightening menace by Aidan Gillen still building up another detestable character, Littlefinger, in Game Of Thrones.

So many action thrillers fall down when it comes to providing the one simple element that can lift the level of emotional engagement with a film — the nastier the villain, the more on side you are for the hero to get revenge.

Begitu melihat nama bintangnya Jason Statham, penonton seakan mendapat jaminan kalau filmnya akan bagus. Meski ceritanya dikemas dengan sederhana pun, sang aktor selalu bisa menjadi faktor lain yang menjadi magnet film.

Bagaimanapun, pemirsa begitu kagum akan tampang macho- nya, perawakan tegapnya, aksi bela diri atau berkelahinya, serta tentu kapasitas aktingnya.

Lalu film Jason Statham apa saja yang bagus? Saking banyaknya, sudah wajar kalau kita merasa bingung.

Namun berikut ini kami rekomendasikan 20 judul film Jason Statham yang terbaik dan terpopuler. Seri pertama dari film ini rilis pada tahun di Prancis dan Amerika.

The Transporter sendiri ditujukan untuk Frank Martin, tokoh utama yang diperankan oleh Jason Statham.

Ia menjadi seorang kurir yang sanggup mentransportasikan apapun, ke manapun dan kapanpun, asal harga dan ketentuannya cocok.

Pekerjaan tersebut mungkin akan aman-aman saja bila ia tak menyalahi salah-satu aturannya. Tapi Sang transporter memang melakukannya.

Ia pun terlibat dalam masalah besar, rumit, dan menegangkan. Film ini sarat akan scene action yang keren dan memuaskan.

Safe menjadi film action -kriminal- thriller yang cukup emosional. Film ini rilis di tahun , dengan mengangkat cerita yang unik menarik.

Di tengah hiruk-pikuk kota dan aktivitasnya, ternyata ada satu orang yang paling diincar. Dia adalah Mei Catherine Chan , gadis berusia 12 tahun yang terus diburu mafia, triad, atau anggota kepolisian.

Pasalnya sang bocah memiliki skill luar biasa, di luar manusia normal. Statham yang berperan sebagai Luke Wright sendiri sebenarnya tengah dalam keadaan terpuruk.

Namun gadis ini membuatnya tergugah untuk bergerak melawan serta melindunginya agar tetap aman. Film yang rilis pada tahun an ini dinilai cukup unik.

Karya ini menjadi paduan antara komedi dengan dunia kriminal, yang sejatinya jauh dari humor.

Di dalamnya terdapat dua cerita, tentang dunia tinju serta mafianya, juga tentang aksi bandit pencuri berlian serta pengkhianatannya. Ada aksi pembunuhan atau scene brutal, namun tetap dibumbui dengan kelucuan.

Tak ayal kalau film ini sukses besar, baik dari segi review dan penghasilan. Sebagai sekuel dari cerita The Transporter, ceritanya tentu masih berhubungan sosok Frank Martin.

Namun petaka terjadi tatkala anak yang ada di bawah tanggung-jawabnya diculik, bahkan diberi virus mematikan yang bisa menular pada orang sekitar dengan mudahnya.

The Mechanic adalah film remake dari karya yang sudah rilis sebelumnya di tahun Namun versi yang satu ini tayang di tahun , dan kabarnya akan menyediakan sekuelnya tahun Statham berperan sebagai Arthur Bishop, seorang pembunuh bayaran yang handal.

Namun ia termakan fitnah dan dimanipulasi untuk membunuh Harry McKenna Donald Sutherland , yang sebenarnya ia anggap sebagai teman sekaligus guru.

Anak Harry yang memiliki skill berkelahi hebat, Steve, sontak saja memendam dendam. Di akhir cerita, sang anak kemudian tahu siapa pembunuh ayahnya yang sebenarnya.

Dalam film keluaran tahun ini, Statham bermain dengan sejumlah bintang keren lain. Arnold Schwarzenegger juga tampil sebagai cameo film.

Benar-benar bertabur bintang! Karenanya sudah ditebak, film ini sangat memanjakan mereka yang memang menyukai film action. Namun ada beberapa scene yang mungkin dinilai brutal atau sadis, sehingga tak layak disaksikan anak atau mereka yang memang kurang nyaman dengan tayangan tersebut.

Film rilisan tahun ini masih bergenre andalan Statham, yakni action- thriller. Ia beradu akting dengan aktor semanis dan seganteng James Franco.

Statham berperan sebagai Phil Broker. Sebagai mantan agen DEA bidang narkotika yang hidupnya penuh ketegangan, ia memutuskan untuk pindah ke kota kecil bersama puteri tercintanya.

Mereka pengin hidup lebih damai dan tenang. Namun tak disangka, suatu peristiwa membuatnya justeru berurusan dengan Gator Bodine James Franco , seorang gembong narkoba.

Sang gembong kemudian tahu identitas asli Broker. Karena ia menyimpulkan kalau Broker hendak mengusik bisnisnya, ia dan orang-orangnya terus melakukan serangkaian teror.

Mereka bahkan menculik puteri Broker, Maddy, yang diperankan dengan apik oleh aktris muda Izabela Vidovic. Karya ini menjadi versi remake dari Death Race , yang sudah tayang di tahun Statham berperan sebagai Jensen Garner Ames.

Ia adalah seorang pekerja di bidang tambang besi, serta memiliki pengalaman memenangkan lomba balap.

Ia sampai dijebak untuk dipenjara. Syarat kebebasannya yaitu menyamar sebagai pembalap bernama Frankenstein, yang ternyata sudah tewas karena mobilnya meledak.

Ia yang hanya memikirkan nasib hidup serta anaknya tentu mau tak mau meladeni tawaran tersebut. Crank edisi pertama hadir di tahun Di sini Statham berperan sebagai Chev Chelios, lelaki yang sempat diracun.

Karenanya, untuk tetap bertahan hidup, ia musti memastikan adrenalinnya tetap terpompa. Entah dengan cara mengkonsumsi obat atau pun terlibat dalam suatu perkelahian.

Karenanya ia memilih bekerja di pusaran bahaya dengan bekerja pada sindikat kriminal pimpinan Carlito. Salah-satu tugasnya yaitu membunuh pemimpin mafia lain asal Tiongkok, Don Kim, yang dianggap mengancam eksistensi sindikat Carlito.

Siapa sangka, misi tersebut tak sesederhana yang dikira. Fakta kalau film ini diadaptasi dari kisah nyata saja sudah menarik banyak penonton.

Statham berperan sebagai Terry Leather. Ia menjadi pebisnis sederhana pasca meninggalkan masa lalu kelamnya sebagai perampok.

Namun keadaan keuangannya jadi berbeda. Karena kesulitan itu, ia bahkan ditinggalkan sang isteri. Sampai kemudian seorang teman bernama Martin Love Saffron Burrows menawarkan rencana pembobolan bank.

Terry yang sempat ragu kemudian menyanggupinya. Ia mengundang teman lainnya. Tak terduga, isi brankasnya ternyata dokumen memalukan atau catatan kriminal pihak kepolisian petinggi pemerintahan lainnya.

Blitz masih menjadi film action -kriminal- thriller lainnya yang diperankan Statham.

Now Frank must kick into overdrive in a prinz Г¤gypten ganzer film action-packed fight to save his precious cargo - and his life. Franks Rolle in diesem perfiden Spiel: Er wird gezwungen, Valentina von Marseille aus quer durch Europa nach Odessa zu chauffieren und so den Suchtrupps lion stream Ministers zu entkommen. But when their young son is sex mit monster, Frank must use his battle-tested combat skills to save the boy and thwart happy family movie4k kidnapper's nefarious master plan. Die 18 besten Urlaubsfilme aller Zeiten. Liu becomes trapped in a vast and deadly conspiracy, accused of a murder he did not commit and on the run in a city he doesn't know. Ein unter Click stehender Mechaniker mit krimineller Vergangenheit muss ein Auto aufspüren, das den Beweis für seine Read more enthält: eine einzige Revolverkugel. Taken 3. Bube, Dame, König. Jason-Statham-Film haben nicht viel Anspruch auf Anspruch — hier geht fast immer um einen knallharten Typen und knallharte Action. Speed Geschwindigkeit ist alles! With nowhere to turn, Liu is thrown together with an American woman, Jessica, who has been forced into prostitution. Now Frank must kick into overdrive in a nonstop action-packed fight to save his precious cargo - and his life. Staffel please click for source am Wöchentlich wird das Netflix-Angebot um viele Filme und Serien erweitert. Drehbuch und Regie übernahm Paul W. Packed with high-octane car chases and high-flying martial arts action, Transporter 2 delivers nonstop excitement from beginning to end! But when their young son is abducted, Frank must use his battle-tested combat to save the boy and thwart the kidnapper's nefarious master plan. Sky Highlights please click for source Mai — Das darfst du nicht verpassen! Frank Martin (Jason Statham) ist Kurierfahrer und auf illegale Ladungen spezialisiert. Er ist der Beste seines Fachs. Und als Profi hält er sich strikt an einen. Eigentlich hatte sich Frank Martin (Jason Statham) nach seinem letzten Einsatz in Miami dafür entschieden, seinen Job als Kurierfahrer gegen ein. Terence Hill Westerns, Mená, Obrázky, Zdravie, Spevák, Dobré Filmy, Mládež Bud Spencer Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson. jason statham frau.

Sure, Jason Statham gets to battle a man-eating monster — but his movie also packs warnings about ecological destruction.

Published: 16 Aug The Meg review — Jason Statham is left all at sea 3 out of 5 stars. Published: 12 Aug The Meg review — Jason Statham versus prehistoric megashark 3 out of 5 stars.

Published: 9 Aug Giant sharks and giant budgets: how the B-movie brought its A game. After Guillermo del Toro turned a creature feature into a best picture Oscar winner, films with B-movie plots, from Rampage to A Quiet Place, are also edging their way to the top.

Published: 13 Apr Published: 24 Apr Published: 16 Apr The Fate of the Furious review - Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson ensure franchise still has va-va-vroom 3 out of 5 stars.

Published: 10 Apr Five years on, Arthur Bishop Statham is living the quiet life in Rio when he's sucked back into the world of assassination.

It's all rather silly and while Statham is fully committed, Hazeldine leaves little to the imagination and Alba is little more than a narrative device in a bikini.

Funny, exciting and genuinely ambitious spy spoof with an appealing performance from McCarthy, and Byrne exceptional as the arrogant villainess.

Deckard Statham is a Special Forces assassin determined to get revenge on the team after his brother has been left in a coma. With the shark rapidly receding in the wake of the franchise's waterskis, the latest instalment is insane but has a puppyish desperation to please, and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Nick Wild Statham , a security expert working the backstreets of Vegas, gets a price on his head when he goes after a mobster for assaulting his friend Holly Garcia-Lorido.

Goldman's hard-bitten dialogue is laboured, the fight scenes are dull and it's a nasty mess all round. Mercenary Barney Ross Stallone goes up against colleague-gone-rogue Conrad Stonebanks Gibson , a ruthless arms dealer.

The action is fine, and the interplay between the somewhat ageing stars remains the film's biggest asset, but a lazy script, watered-down violence and general lack of risk-taking make for predictable….

A former DEA agent moves his family to a quiet town where he soon tangles with a local meth druglord. Statham attempts to show off his acting chops in this London-set thriller from the writer of Eastern Promises.

A homeless ex-soldier assumes another man's identity and sets off on a mission of revenge. Buy now from Amazon: Blitz.

Macy, so I ordered it immediately. Ellis passed away last year, as his work was always appreciated here at Den Of Geek.

Cellular also has Jessica Biel in a small role. This is important because I rather love her and, more relevantly, because both she and Chris Evans have the honour of appearing in two completely different Statham films on this list see: London.

Buy now from Amazon: Cellular. The film depicts London in a hauntingly beautiful light, while managing to avoid easy categorization, as it contains drama, tragedy, violence, romance and redemption.

Hummingbird is surprising in many ways, with surreal imagery punctuating the visual aesthetic, which also includes some of the most striking depictions of the neon lit streets of London yet.

It also sees Statham back to the more dramatic, character based roles that have peppered his career, much to the surprise of the casual viewer I imagine.

Buy now from Amazon: Hummingbird. Our Statham does seem to like a good ensemble, as multiple entries on this list further prove, though The Bank Job is notable for making sure that he gets top billing, and is surrounded by people who are less well known in Hollywood terms that is, not British TV.

If Crank below represents one half of his career and the more extreme fans that embrace it, then The Bank Job is truly the respectable choice and the flipside of his work.

The Bank Job was released just before his action persona was fully established. Buy now from Amazon: The Bank Job.

I love those films and I love their stars, so regardless of critical merit The Expendables will always be the first time that Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger appeared on screen together, fulfilling a childhood dream and essentially making the film bulletproof for me.

So I still maintain that if someone as experienced as Stallone entrusts the future of action to Statham, then who are we to stand in the way?

Buy now from Amazon: The Expendables. As Turkish, Stath is our light-hearted narrator through the blackly funny series of disastrous and ever escalating events, all set within the seedy world of gangsters and underground boxing.

But it sure made the day go quicker. Buy now from Amazon: Snatch. Homefront was by far the strongest film that The Stath released in , as it seemed to take the best elements from his others that year — the charming humor and sporadically brutal violence from Parker and the more dramatic, character based work in Hummingbird — and combine them into a fantastically tense action thriller.

The fight scenes in Safe are easily some of his best and entail some of the finest bone crunching chaos committed to celluloid that the West has ever offered.

Just a quick flick through some of the greatest action flicks ever made, such as Die Hard , Con Air or Predator , will reveal a quip filled hero, gun in hand, flying through the air as things blow up, making dry humor just as essential as bullets.

Superb stuff. Buy now from Amazon: Safe. It always amazes me when an action film comes along that is so straightforward and slickly made, that it actually feels like a breath of fresh air.

Buy now from Amazon: The Transporter. Crank is such an incredibly absurd and exploitative treasure and one whose sheer thrill ride value has never worn out.

It also proved several things about Statham: that he clearly has a sense of humour about the roles he plays, that he really does throw his all into his performances — regardless of how insane they are, and that Red Bull does indeed give you wings.

Bravo Mr. Buy now from Amazon: Crank. Duncan Bowles duncanbowles. Skip to main content area. I was right. Buy now from Amazon: Death Race Buy Now from Amazon: Transporter 2 Buy now from Amazon: London

Jason Statham Filmy Video


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