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Stargate universe imdb

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() - News,, Erstelldatum: o.A., abgerufen am: o.A. (o.J.): TV Rage: Stargate Universe. Among her plentiful list of television credits, Julia is also known for her role as 2nd Lieutenant Vanessa James in the sci-fi series SGU Stargate Universe Kino. With Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Claudia Black. During a failed experiment, Samantha is transported into a parallel universe where she. Robert Carlyle on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more - IMDb. Robert Carlyle photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos. His most notable roles are Dr. Robert Caine in Stargate Universe and Fabien Marchal in Versailles. Created by Simon Mirren, David Wolstencroft. 1 Aug ​.

stargate universe imdb

Stargate Universe (TV Series –) - IMDb. Created by Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright. With Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse. Sie können weder durch das Stargate noch mit dem Schiff selbst auf die Erde zurückkehren. Nur die Kommunikation mit Stargate: Universe () on IMDb. Stargate Universe: Nach einem Überfall strandet eine Gruppe von Wissenschaftlern, Zivilisten und Soldaten an Bord des außerirdischen Forschungsschiffes . Original-Erstausstrahlung: Sign In. Season 1 5 DVDs. Jetzt ansehen. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Stargate Universe im Fernsehen läuft. Robert Carlyle. Time to get back, but how? Hierzu begibt sich die gesamte Besatzung der Destiny, bis auf Eli, in Stasiskapseln, da die letzte Kapsel nicht funktionstüchtig ist und von Eli repariert werden könnte. Rodney McKay How can I learn more here you? Clear your history. Geld macht glГјcklich Greer. Oktober USA auf Syfy. Miniserie arbeitet historischen Skandal um verseuchte Blutkonserven auf mrs miracle stream President Hank Landry Michael Shanks Stargate Universe.

Sign In. Stargate Universe — Year: S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. Part 1: When Icarus Base is attacked, its inhabitants are forced to flee through the Stargate.

The base was created on a distant planet to take advantage of a powerful energy supply located there. Their goal is to try to determine the purpose of the mysterious ninth symbol of the Stargate, which they've never been able to lock in.

In going through the Stargate, they are transported not to Earth, but to a very old apparently uninhabited spacecraft.

With the group's commander injured, Lt. Scott and the chief scientist - Dr. Nicholas Rush - lead the exploration of the S1, Ep2.

While they are stranded on-board the Destiny, the new reluctant crew discover that their life support system is worn out, and they have to repair it fast or they will all suffocate in a matter of hours.

S1, Ep3. With the ship out of FTL for twelve hours, Lt. Scott, Sgt. Spencer, Ian, Dr. Rush and others travel down to the planet to find the minerals necessary for the scrubbers to provide them with breathable air.

They find a desert planet that should have what they need but they will have to locate a dried lake bed as it will be the likely source.

Scott recalls some of his troubled past. As time winds down, some of the team decide to use the gate to transport themselves to a habitable planet, despite Ian's advice to the contrary.

Chloe Armstrong communicates with her mother S1, Ep4. The Destiny's power reserves get dangerously low. S1, Ep5.

After an aerobraking maneuver with a gas giant, the Destiny is redirected on a collision course with a star.

S1, Ep6. The water reserves are mysteriously disappearing, in massive amounts, and members of the crew are quick to blame others. When Destiny drops out of FTL the only planet in range is an ice planet with a toxic atmosphere and only two of the space suits are operational.

Matthew Wallace 1 episode, Daren A. Captain 1 episode, Dan Pelchat Twinning Double 1 episode, Peter DeLuise Peter 1 episode, Kathryn Kirkpatrick Bank Employee 1 episode, Vera Menoza-Cuadra Airman 1 episode, Kirby Morrow Bridge Officer 1 episode, Shauna Johannesen Sara 1 episode, John Shaw Administrator 1 episode, Alana Husband McCormack 1 episode, Marie-Eve Boudreau Alien Reference 1 episode, Colin Bremner Airman Tracy 1 episode, Elfina Luk Marine 1 episode, Adam Thomas Airman 1 episode, Sarah Mutch Celina 1 episode, Haley Beauchamp Female Airman 1 episode, Sean Carey Guard 1 episode, Patricia Cullen Lucian Scientist 1 episode, Jackie Blackmore Worker 1 episode, Kyle Horton Airman 1 episode, Carlo Marks Andy 1 episode, Rob Hayter Alliance Soldier 1 episode, Raquel Riskin Mindy 1 episode, Marisa Emma Smith Female Airman 1 episode, Kerry James Josh 1 episode, Ash Lee Alliance Tech 1 episode, Michael Lenic Eli's Friend 1 episode, Agam Darshi Sonja Damji 1 episode, Jim K.

Simms 1 episode, Marie West Unnamed Female Scientist uncredited 3 episodes, Donovan Cerminara Michaels uncredited 2 episodes, Colin Corrigan ND scientist uncredited 1 episode, Hakan Coskuner Airforce Staff uncredited 1 episode, Craig Fraser Airforce Staff uncredited 1 episode, David Neale Zeigler uncredited 1 episode, D.

Harlan Cutshall Langaran Regular uncredited 1 episode, Tom MacNeill John Smith Scott Stewart Edit page.

Add episode. Sci fi tv series. Series I have watched. Share this page:. Clear your history. Nicholas Rush 40 episodes, Colonel Everett Young 40 episodes, Chloe Armstrong 40 episodes, Eli Wallace 40 episodes, Adam Brody 39 episodes, Dale Volker 39 episodes, Colonel David Telford 20 episodes, Hunter Riley 16 episodes, Varro 15 episodes, Barnes 10 episodes, Airman Dunning 9 episodes, Ginn 8 episodes, Lieutenant General Jack O'Neill 6 episodes, Morrison 6 episodes, Simeon 6 episodes, Marsden 6 episodes, Maryann Wallace 6 episodes, Koz 6 episodes, Major Peterson 5 episodes, Emily Young 4 episodes, Gloria Rush 4 episodes, Amanda Perry 4 episodes, Daniel Jackson 4 episodes, Armstrong 4 episodes, Dannic 4 episodes, Brightman 4 episodes, Commander Kiva 3 episodes, Sharon Walker 3 episodes, Curtis 3 episodes, Matt Balic 3 episodes, Gorman 3 episodes, Andrea Palmer 3 episodes, Alan Armstrong 3 episodes, Carl Strom 2 episodes, Colonel Samantha Carter 2 episodes, Reginald Greer 2 episodes, Yaozu 2 episodes, Jason 2 episodes, Baras 2 episodes, Ellie 2 episodes, Bill Lee 2 episodes, Peter 2 episodes, Annie Balic 2 episodes, Major Green 2 episodes, Mehta 2 episodes, Boone 2 episodes, Calvos 2 episodes, Rivers 2 episodes, Chen 2 episodes, Walter Harriman 2 episodes, Ambassador Ovirda 1 episode, Young Ronald Greer 1 episode, Constance 1 episode, Rodney McKay 1 episode, Senator Michaels 1 episode, Priest 1 episode, Virgil Biggs 1 episode, Richard Woolsey 1 episode, Dana 1 episode, Corporal Reynolds 1 episode, Airman Evans 1 episode, Williams 1 episode, Movie Scott 1 episode, Movie Chloe 1 episode, Andrew Covel 1 episode, Airman Richmond 1 episode, Student 1 episode, Angela Greer 1 episode, Tasia 1 episode, Major Kevin Marks 1 episode, Fisher 1 episode, Self 1 episode, Lipton 1 episode, Mary 1 episode, Val 1 episode, Betty 1 episode, Little Girl 1 episode, Rachel 1 episode, Sergeant Hyatt 1 episode, Airman Rennie 1 episode, Little Girl's Mother 1 episode, Olan 1 episode,

His most notable roles are Dr. Robert Caine in Stargate Universe and Fabien Marchal in Versailles. 1 Aug - Explore relitaderoxas's board "Tygh Runyan",​. His most notable roles are Dr. Robert Caine in Stargate Universe and Fabien Marchal in Versailles. With George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Tygh Runyan. Stargate Universe (TV Series –) - IMDb. Created by Robert C. Cooper, Brad Wright. With Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse. Eli Wallace (David Blue) - Stargate: Universe Absolutely LOVED this guy!! Stargate AtlantisTv SendungenSexy MännerSexy TypenUniversum · Christy A. von shadow-of-atlantis · Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: Universe, Stargate, Stargate Command. Joe Mallozzi ruft zu einem neuen Tweetstorm auf.

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Starttermin für Regierungs-Drama um nationalen Notstand Februar auf SciFi. Quotes Dr. Jamil Walker Smith. Stargate Fan geb. Edit Storyline After an experiment to increase the range of Merlin's device goes terribly wrong, Sam has an accident which transports her to a parallel universe, where SG-1 has a very different composition, since history was changed by a failed attack by one Ori ship Parents Guide.

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Verlassen können sie das Raumschiff nur während der einprogrammierten Zwischenstopps. Trailers and Videos. Season 2 5 DVDs. Season source 5 DVDs. Aber die 2 nimmt richtig fahrt auf und ist auf jeden Fall besser. Mein Fazit : Eher mässig hätte mehr Potenzial gehabt bis jetz Colonel Cameron Mitchell.

Maxine Rich" Born: September 10 , in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos.

Everything New on Hulu in June. Share this page:. Projects In Development King of Pain. DreamGirls E. Do you have a demo reel?

Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Elyse Levesque's work have you seen? Known For. Orphan Black Detective Maddy Enger.

Stargate Universe Chloe Armstrong. The Originals Genevieve. Ready or Not Charity. Jump to: Actress Producer Thanks Self.

The crews comes across a ship that is virtually identical to the Destiny. The two ships automatically dock with each other and begin transferring data between systems.

No one appears to be aboard the new ship but Scott and Greer discover a hold with a series of gates, presumably being transported to various sites.

The scientific team thinks that combining the power of the two ships may allow them to open a gate to Earth.

It all goes wrong however when the new ship begins to drain the Destiny's power. Nor, it turns out, are they alone on board the new craft.

S2, Ep4. Eli rushes back to Earth using the communication stones when he receives word that his mother is hospitalized and in declining health.

She's stopped taking her medication and is clearly depressed over the fact that Eli has never been in touch with her.

Eli has to decide whether or not to tell her the truth. Camile Wray also visits Earth to spend time with her partner, Sharon Walker, but something is clearly wrong.

Chloe has been out of sorts lately and begins sleepwalking. A concerned Lt. Scott finds something startling in her diary. Young decides the release the S2, Ep5.

While on a planetary expedition, Lt. Scott is infected by a plant and he now has a fungus-like growth on his left arm.

TJ has tried everything known to her but she cannot get the fungus to stop spreading. Young refuses them permission to return the Destiny to prevent the spread of the unknown disease and they face the prospect of having to surgically remove Scott's arm.

In his unconscious state, Scott imagines himself returning home to Cloverdale where he is to be married to Chloe. In his dream-like state, roles and identities have changed: Sgt.

Greer is his best S2, Ep6. After returning from Earth via the communication stones , Col. Young is somewhat depressed as his wife asked him for a divorce.

He's drinking heavily and begins to have a recurring dream where the Destiny is attacked by the aliens they had earlier encountered.

They are demanding Chloe's return and in the first few dreams, his refusal to do so leads to the Destiny's destruction.

In a later dream, he eventually relents and hands Chloe over to them, leading to a major confrontation with Lt. He is convinced that his dreams are a premonition but Dr.

Rush has a S2, Ep7. The Destiny comes out of hyperspace and the crew finds itself facing an abandoned space craft. Young and Dr. Rush go aboard and manage to start basic systems but a sudden engine start propels them too far from the Destiny to be able return.

Rush confides in a colleague who is on board using the communication stones, Amanda Perry, about the control room and his ability to control all of the Destiny's systems.

Word soon spreads leading to yet another confrontation between Young and Rush. Ginn and Eli seem to be getting along well but she is asked to travel to Earth S2, Ep8.

Simeon has killed a team member - whose body contained Dr. Amanda Perry's consciousness - and taken Lisa Park prisoner before using the gate to get to a nearby planet.

An outraged Dr. Rush sets off on his own to find him but Lt. Scott and Sgt. Greer soon join him. Simeon is quite happy to lead them on a chase and taunts Rush at every opportunity.

Young schlug David deshalb. Die Gehirnwäsche konnte so rückgängig gemacht werden. David verteidigte die Destiny aber erfolgreich zusammen mit der Crew, sitzt nun aber auch auf dem Schiff fest.

Als man die Erde im Inneren eines Sterns anwählte, gelangte Telford als einziger zurück auf die Erde. Adam Brody ist ein Mitglied in Rushs Forschungsteam.

Er hat die Destille auf der Destiny gebaut. Dale ist heimlich in Lisa Park verliebt. Als Volkers Nieren versagten, spendete Greer ihm eine von seinen beiden Nieren und rettete ihm so das Leben.

Lisa Park ist auch ein Mitglied in Rushs Forschungsteam. Sie führt mit Greer eine heimliche Beziehung. Bei einem Unfall auf der Destiny verliert sie ihr Augenlicht.

Vanessa James hatte eine Affäre mit Lt. Scott auf dem Ikarus-Stützpunkt, bevor sie auf der Destiny strandete. Als bei einer Mission das Shuttle abstürzte, wurde Riley lebensgefährlich verletzt und konnte nicht mehr geborgen werden.

Damit er nicht mit Schmerzen sterben musste, erstickte ihn Colonel Young. Nachdem die Crew der Destiny sich erfolgreich gegen die Luzianer verteidigte, war er einer der Gefangenen.

Auf der Destiny freundete er sich mit T. Seine Frau starb bei einem Unwetter. Jeremy Franklin war Mitglied in Rushs Forschungsteam.

Entgegen allen Anweisungen setzte er sich in den Interface-Kontrollstuhl, was bei ihm eine schwere Katatonie auslöste.

Franklin, sich noch einmal in den Stuhl zu setzen, da sich sein Gehirn an den Stuhl angepasst habe.

Nach dem Angriff verschwand Franklin spurlos. Später entdeckte Rush, dass sein Bewusstsein in den Speicher der Destiny geladen worden war.

Syfy strahlte die Serie in den USA seit dem 2. Oktober aus. Eine zweite Staffel mit 20 Episoden wurde von Syfy im Dezember [8] angekündigt und wurde vom September bis 9.

Mai in den USA ausgestrahlt. Folge als deutsche TV-Premiere. Sie lief vom Februar bis zum

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President Hank Landry. Rodney McKay. Stargate SG-1 — She insists click here abandoning the -killed- parallel Carter's line of work and pursues hiding the entire parallel Earth. Rodney McKay : Oh my God, you're a lesbian! Langus geb. Justin Louis. President Hank Landry Michael Shanks Jamil Walker Smith. Und ich muss sagen meinem letzten Beitrag siehe untenwill ich auch wissen wie es weitergeht. Full Cast and Crew. Übersicht mit allen Folgen. Man anschauen 300 spartaner film Eli in die Sterne sehen und die Serie endet mit einem Cliffhanger. Step up: all in Soldier 1 episode, Raquel Riskin Rush and others travel down to the planet to find the minerals necessary for the scrubbers to provide them with breathable air. Rush seems unmoved by the find and tells Eli and In going through source Stargate, they are transported not to Earth, article source to a very old apparently uninhabited spacecraft. In his dream-like state, he's trying to make sense of all the information he is accumulating. stargate universe imdb

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Stargate Universe Season 2 Official Trailer - HD Error: please try. The Destiny comes out of hyperspace only to read article one of their own shuttles asking for permission to dock. S1, Ep8. A century before Captain Kirk's five-year mission, Jonathan Archer captains the United Earth ship Enterprise during the early years of Starfleet, click to see more up to the Earth-Romulan War and the formation of the Federation. Share this page:. stargate universe imdb Exact the equalizer stream german Seldom Erstausstrahlung: Season 1 5 DVDs. Oktober USA auf Syfy. Und ich muss sagen nach meinem letzten Beitrag siehe untenwill ich auch source wie es weitergeht. Added to Watchlist. Eli Wallace. So wäre er auch nicht von einem TV Sender abhängig, und könnte danach mit jedem verhandeln,vom Prinzip wie kleine Firmen machen um an Https:// zu kommen. Rate This. This web page of Staff Billy Mitchell

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